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Where to Start?

Have you heard of this thing called Midburn?

Maybe Simon said how this thing changed his life. Maybe Auntie Anne told you that this thing is the best experience.


Midburn is a lot of different things for a lot of different people. It’s one thing that everyone experiences a bit differently. 


Either way, either up down or inside out, it may very well be the most different of things out of all the things you’ve experienced, ever before or even after.


Have no fear, for we are here, to clear the way and help you find some clarity in the wide-open spaces of this place called Midburn. We are here to help make things a bit easier on your Midburn journey.


What is Midburn?

Whats Midburn

Midburn is an official nongovernmental organizational event of the international BURNING MAN community.

Burning Man is the main event of the community, held annually in Black rock City, Nevada, USA.


Israel has brought the burn from Nevada to the Negev adding a Middleastern spicy twist.  


The Midburn is set in a temporary city, built for the people, by the people, funded by the people, for the people. This city rises in days and falls in hours, disappearing into dust of the earth as if nothing had ever been, and what is has always been.  

Like the Burning man, Midburn is based on the same Ten Principles created by Burning man co-founder, Larry Harvey.


In the event you decide to join the event, you may hear a lot of people talking about the Ten principles. And it’s not just gossip guys! These principles are truly important as they are the community guidelines in a city with no rules. The are the pillar in which you stand on, or fly towards.

They are very important both to understand why so many people invest so much time and effort to make Midburn happen, to understand and adopt the spirit of the city, and to get a general idea of how people are expected to behave before, during and after the Midburn event.


Click ME! I will teach you the Ten Principles and you will be wiser, my child.


Click HERE! To learn more about MIDBURN


Ok, you’re off to a great start. Now you know what to do, the question to ask yourself is if I want to do?


Do I want to go to Midburn?

Yes you! Not your friends, not your friend’s friends, or your cousin’s first cousin’s girlfriends’ brother, but YOU!!!



Great! You’ve understood the basic idea of Midburn, you’ve thoroughly read the Ten principles, and YOU! Yes YOU! have decided to join in on all the fun!


But it is still utterly and completely confusing!

How and when can I buy a ticket?

What is the secret code?

What do I have to do to who, to get the secret code?


What can I expect will be there when I get there? And many, many, many, more questions, and made-up answers.


Click HERE! To get all the probable answers to all your possible questions.


Unlike other events, this is JUST a festival, or JUST  a thing to do.

The Lingo:

Midburn has a language of it’s own. To keep the muggles out. We are letting you and anyone else who finds this completely free and open to the public website on our little secret.

So you don’t feel as left out as you might think that you are, here’s the Special Burn language lingo. So drop your Elvish Middle-Earth lexicon and read up on this Burnictionary:


  1. GIFT
    is a gift. But its cooler than a regular gift because its not only a noun, but also a verb! the act of gifting is: giving a gift that people bring to share or share with other people. It can be music, food, a show, art or any experience and thing that people want to bring to Midburn.

  2. Playa
    Spanish for beach. Burnish for where everything happens, or in other words, the central area of the city. Here is the designated area where for exploration; where there are art installations and parties. You can find people, here, walking, floating or just sitting around at all hours of the day and night.

  3. Deep Playa
    Like the deep depths of an ocean, this is the area farther from the city streets (city streets = where people establish their temporary residences). The deep playa has its own unique character and a mind of its own. When you wanna go deep, this is the place to go.


  4. NewBurn (Formerly known as Burgins)
    are the newbies, the chicks, the begginers and rookies of the burn. They are those participating, like a virgin, for the very first time.


  5. Camp
    commencing of several people (no limit or maximum amount required) who organize themselves, usually based on an idea for a gift to give to the community at Midburn. The camp also usually groups together to organize all logistics needs for camping (food, water, showers, etc.) *ADDED: Camps register prior to Midburn and are allotted space in accordance with the number of people in the camp and name themselves with a camp name of their choosing.

  6. Free-Camp
    People who decide not to come as an organized camp organization but rather alone or in a smaller group. Free-campers take care of themselves to bring whatever they want it to be. **ADDED: There is a designated place for all Free-campers at Midburn.


  7. MOOP
    Matter Out Of Place - One of Midburn's principles is not to leave a trace, it means that everything we brought with us comes back with us. Yes this includes garbage (thrown in a specific place on the way out). We recycle what we can and we make sure we don't come with. Things like feathers or glitter that can remain and pollute the environment.


  8. Burner
    A nickname for those who participate in Midburn events, know the principles and act according to them.


  9. Effigy
    often life-size sculptural representation of a specific person, or a prototypical figure of “man and woman” - The temporary city of Midburn is being built around the central statue - "Woman and Man" Effigy. It is the focal point that creates a place of convergence and defines the movement in the event. The installation appeals to the broadest common denominator, reflects a universal human being and is open to personal interpretation. Within the world of concepts emanating from Adam and Eve, female and male, woman and man. The burning of the installation takes place in a festive ceremony that constitutes the high point of the city and of the process of change and development that its participants are undergoing.


  10. Temple- “The Space”
    The space is the beating center of the temporary city, a place that invites to shed and leave what one wants to liberate. A space that resonates with searching, asking questions, attuning and intention. It is a place where people come to gather to look within, shed within it what one wants to liberate and leave it with renewed strength to move on. The space it fills in the Temporary City, like many other things in Burning Man culture, is inconclusive, and is open to interpretation and inclusion of content produced by event attendees and the team that creates it.

What does it mean - participation?

There are several ways to participate and the best is to combine as many as feels right to us:


The City Department:

 In order for Midburn to be established, a lot of things need to work – and a lot of volunteers are needed! Someone to position things in the city- city placement. Someone who will organize parking for everyone who comes with a car, someone in charge of Medical needs in case there is a medical issue and much more!

There are departments that with volunteers all year round, there are those who volunteer for few months before and there are those that volunteer only during the week of Midburn.

You can read about the departments here. and see which ones might suit you. If you find something you like or thing you can contribute - send an email and ask if there's room. Departments usually recruit during the months leading up to the city, so stay informed and apply yourself. Remember one of the principles is self-reliance.


Below we will tell you about all the best places to keep up to date with everything.



Midburn is a celebration of art, creativity and expression, and of course everything is created by the participants.

Different departments help creators bring their own self-expression.

Do i Wanna go

What is a camp?

What is a camp?

Some of the content is brought by individuals, but a large part of the content and activity happens by people coming commencing into camps and bringing together what is called a gift - it can be food, alcohol, activity, performance, etc.

The camp also organizes food, grilling and more, each camp is a little different.

There are veteran camps that have existed for many years and there are those that came together for the first time this very year.

You don't have to come with a camp and there are definitely people who prefer not to, but it can ease logistics and make it possible to create something big and exciting together.



Camps that have room for new participants, advertise and here too will be an advantage for those who are proactive, if you are looking for a camp – post! offer yourself, describe who you are and what you bring to the table. You could just be the missing piece that a camp is looking for!


Here you can read more about how to find a camp


But as we said before, there is no obligation to join the camp.

The experience of each participant varies according to his/her  character ,

there are those who prefer to be free-campers and those who are looking for a group to be with.

Now are we intrigued?

Here is all the information about Free-Camp

(Including a Newburners experience as a camper and as a Free-camper.)


Link for list of for a NewBurner. 


MidBEAR Update

Sign up for Midburn newsletter MidBEAR


See you in the Dust.

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