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Free Camping:
Welcome to the Playa!

The Free-Camps are camping areas that will be pre-marked, and are intended for anyone that isn't part of a cmap and wants to camp and hang out in them.

In the Free Camp area you can set up almost anything you want to do without prior coordination. Of course in accordance with the safety instructions that are in place to make sure we are all kept safe.


Of course like for any participant or camp, self reliance is essential.

man on a bike in yhe desert

So what the hell is a free-camp?


The Free Camp exists for those who (for whatever reason) don't want to be part of a theme camp or want to be a 100% free spirit with no strings attached, can still build their own Midburn home.

Your home can be a small tent with shade and a deck chair, or ten tents with a whole veranda and fake palm trees. You could even build a monsterous structure with a string of LED lights and a bath of gods nectar in the center to bathe in (or anything else you can dream up).


So if you choose to go to the free-camp route, know that this is your opportunity to express yourself and fly high at the burn!


In preparation for the event, it's best that you take a look at the Playa map and find a location that best fits the needs for your crazy beautiful vision, small or big - it doesn't matter, it is your choice. Your free camp is your launchpad to your Playa flight. Free-campers are the ones that want to be 100% free-spirited and self-reliant, and those that must practice radical inclusion with their free camp neighbors and of course, make sure to leave no trace at the end.


Free campers practice the ten principles by completely expressing their desires, drawing on a blank canvas the playa always provides and finding inspiration in their and their friends' dreams.


The free campers are an essential and irreplaceable part of the Burn’s dynamic, always spontaneous, surprising contributors to the radical fabric of any Burn, making playa magic happen, always unforeseen and surprising .


Important Information:


When you purchase a ticket, you must state that you plan on being a free camper, so that the production team can evaluate the amount of free campers and can be in touch with gifts, surprises, messages and all kinds of important stuff.


Positioning and logistics:


  • Pre-camp - Can only set up once the event gates open.

  • Set up can only take place in designated free-camp locations that will be clearly marked on the map

  • When you arrive at gate there will be Nomads waiting to greet you with realtime information on which free camp locations are still available

  • Free-camping with a camper / trailer? Check out this Link for the procedure and registration of campers

  • For everyone's convenience (and health), the calculation of the space per person in the free-camp areas is 14 square meters per person (to make sure it isn't too crowded, COVID and civil responsibility and all that).





  • Electricity, water and other services can be booked in advance without knowing your location in advance. Once you are settled in you will be able to let them know and they will arrive - pure magic :-). If you do order water and other services, it is important to set up camp in the front, next to a street edge so you can place the water and toilets close to the edge for easy evacuation.




  • In any free camp area you can build a shade canopy or other structures but they all must be lower than 2 meters (without the purpose of climbing on).

  • Safety Safety Safety - It is our duty and responsibility to maintain our safety and the safety of all event participants

  • All procedures, vendors, safety guidelines, etc. will be published to the community and will be updated through the community communication channels. Please stay updated

  • For any questions you can always contact support at

  • Check out the Facebook group where you can ask questions or look for members to partner up with.


Lovely free-campers :-)

We are waiting for you on our Playa!

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