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Our reality is what we create.


You've likely heard a lot about the fact that "Midburn is not a festival" But what does that really mean?


In Midburn, there are no production teams that create the content, no one to make sure that you will find it interesting or fun, or that you will have great music experiences, or delicious meals or food at all, or that you will have a great time, or that people will clean up after you. Midburn is an event where only what you, as a participant, create, actually happens.

If you create and bring art installations, there will be art.

If you bring a sound system, there will be music.

If you bring food, there will be food.

If you bring alcohol, there will be alcohol.

If you clean up after yourself, it will be clean.

If you create something cool for the Playa, the Playa will be cool.


If you've never been to Midburn this might sound odd initially. Nevertheless, as a participant you will quickly discover that there are few things in the world more powerful than a joint communal effort and the desire to create. 

Midburn in general, and the principle of Participation in particular, will allow you to realize your desires and dreams, to realize what you always wanted to do but could not for all sorts of reasons

You can be the DJ or bartender you always wanted to be, you can build and you can play,  you can make dreams come true, you can do anything, be anything. More than that, participating in Midburn will allow you to connect with people you would have not otherwise met, whether while working jointly on a work of art, on a voluntary shift at the gate or the nomads, with a friend at your camp or in every inch of the Playa as destiny desires. 
The truth is that coming to Midburn and actively participating is a unique experience. Special, powerful, empowering and exciting!

Participation does not have to be huge, it can be small yet significant. There are no rankings of your participation and none that are considered better or worse. Anything you provide will be received with love.

Want to participate and not not sure how? You can start from the form that is right here below, and as the preparations for the event progress, you may find additional ways that will be right for you.

Come, we are waiting for you with an open heart and a tone of love and great vibes.

Let's meet

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