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Community Discussion on Photography

Over the past decade that Midburn has been around, photography has evolved. The world has changed in this aspect. The way we consume content has transformed. Everyone has a camera on their phone, access to social media, and groups. While it was once a given that you wouldn't snap a photo without consent, and most city-goers left their phones in their bags, aside from a select group of photographers whose "art was in their shots", having undergone thorough training on privacy, non-commercialization, immediacy, and their gift remaining with the consenting subject.

However, in recent years, voices from the community have been raised concerning breaches of safe spaces, harassment, rights infringement, commercialization, and perhaps most significantly, a diminishing of our radical self-expression: your kids' teacher might refrain from performing if there's a risk it'll end up on Instagram. What a bummer.

Hence, we invite everyone to discuss this vital topic and voice their opinions. Some might say it's time for a photo-free city, while others want to ensure their art remains untainted. One thing's certain - change is needed. The desired outcome of this gathering? A new photography policy for Midburn, which will be incorporated into our guidelines, and a new, city-relevant photography charter.

During the meeting, we'll set up roundtables on various photography-related topics in the city.


19:00 - Gathering

19:15 - Opening remarks

19:30 - "Hyde Park" - anyone can speak for a minute.

20:00 - Roundtables on topics:

Enthusiastic Consent




Art and Creator's Rights

Playa DJs

Media and Journalism


Social Media Influencers

Personal Sharing on Social Platforms


Monday, 21/8 at 19:00

8 Negev Street, Tel Aviv

See you there! 📸


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