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Only an enthusiastic yes is a yes!

At Midburn, we all have a place for our radical self-expression, but it's important to also respect the radical self-expression of others. Therefore, in every interaction, and especially in sexuality, we always seek from the other side an expression of absolute consent -

Only an enthusiastic yes is a yes!

Maybe - is a no.

I don't know - is a no.

Silence - is a no.

Freezing - is a no.

Intoxication - is a no.

Enthusiastic consent is a clear, mutual, and reversible agreement.

When we practice the skill of enthusiastic communication, we make a profound change in the "harassment" world we live in.

MITA is the department that deals with creating a safe space and a culture of enthusiastic consent in sexuality and in general. We are here to share knowledge, minimize and prevent cases of sexual harm in community events, and to assist in cases of sexual assault or attack.

We are here for you and you can speak with us at any moment, before, during, and after the event ♥

Phone: 052-8622466

Or simply come to us, we are located next to the Clinic and the SafeZone.


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