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Update from Midburn board members

Dear friends,


Our hearts are shattered to a thousand pieces.

Like everyone, we are going through difficult, complex and turbulent days. We share the grief of the families of the murdered, we wish a fast and full recovery to the injured and we strengthen the families of those who are missing.

Our friend Hagit is still missing and her well being is in front of our eyes daily.


We send our love and prayers for the safety of all those fighting heroically to defend us and our hearts are full of light from the many volunteering communal initiatives that are rising up.


All of the board members are in contact every day. Few days ago, we started looking into  the meaning of postponing or canceling the event. The uncertainty is absolute. We don't know how long this damn war will last.

It is too early for us to think about the next event, or when, or where.

The work plans and strategic plans we had for 2023, 2024 belong to a different reality than the one we are living today.

In light of all of this, we had to announce the cancellation of the Midburn event 2023.


At the same time, we, alongside with the management team, out of responsibility for  the organization and its vision, are concluding  the expenses of the canceled event and the necessary costs in order to keep the fire burning.  We are working on an updated working plan adjusted to the new reality, aiming to maintain and enhance our culture, while creating suitable alternatives.


Ticket refunds:  We've looked into several options, among them enabling the participants to leave part of the amount paid as a donation, or alternatively keep the whole payment towards a ticket for our next event.

Having said that, the uncertainty along with the desire to refund the participants of the event at this time of financial need, dictated the method we chose.

The next Midburn event will start from scratch, even though for most of us it will seem like one long and extremely difficult journey.


The regulations of the event and the ticket cancellation policy dictates the refund, they were determined in advance with the knowledge of the expenses in advance to which the organization is committed and with a forward-looking view of the preservation of its activity.

The percentage of the refund is determined according to the date of the ticket purchase and the date of cancellation.

The vast majority of participants will receive a refund of 75% and few will receive a refund of 95%, in accordance with the provisions of the law.  

The refund will be done automatically - there is no need for individual requests.


We are aware of the confusion regarding refunds and also aware of  the criticism.

After careful consideration of all parameters, we believe that this is the right path at this time, for everyone.


Since announcing the cancellation, we have received many requests to support and offers of assistance.

We are moved by the desire to contribute and help.

Our community is strong, creative and united, together we will overcome all the obstacles ahead.

Legally, we need to separate ticket refunds from accepting donations. We will offer the possibility to donate separately.


This week, the need for support of a professional and emotional envelope for the participants of the Production Weekend intensified.

This issue takes top priority at this time, until the last of our team leaders  is on a clear and known path towards a stable and safe feeling.


Another subject on the table  is the communication with the Burning Man organization regarding the events of October 7, 2023.

We need to hear the Burning Man organization strongly and clearly condemn the act of terrorism, send us condolences and support for the loss, suffering and embrace us in our efforts to find information about Hagit.

We contacted them several times, received warm and supportive reactions from members  in the organization and today we saw the official response.

The response does not match our expectations.

The board will continue to pursue the unreserved support of the Burning Man organization in the Israeli Burn community.


We are at the beginning of the process of preparing an updated work plan, all the work assumptions that formed the basis of the existing plan are no longer valid.

We are currently looking at the foreseeable future. Aware of the extreme uncertainty,

trying to set goals and challenges before us, while preserving and strengthening the culture and Burn community in Israel.


Our goal at this time is to rise again from the ashes and continue the work that has been our lot in the past months, with faith in the path and even more in the wonderful people around us.

Terror will not defeat us.

We believe that we, as a community, have unique tools at our disposal as artists, inventors, creators - to strengthen and console, to heal and bring hope.

We will not give up.



Eran, Ido, Iris, Omer, Rachel


BRC Bender
BRC Bender
Oct 27, 2023

I've been going to the BRC burn every year since 2011. The Israeli burners have embraced BM and the principals with huge hearts and determination. My camp is a tiny dive bar sound camp typically located on 2:00 between B & D. We have been in this neighborhood at BM since every year since 2015.

We serve a lot of really horrible dranks to thousands of burners who enjoy the only dive bar that plays music not EDM. "I'm from Israel and this is my first burn." These words make me smile a bit deeper. I give immediate recognition to the Israeli burners. "Israeli burners are favorites of mine. They put a lot of effort to get here and…


anita b
anita b
Oct 25, 2023

fighting heroically? really?


Oct 19, 2023

As a 10-year attendee of the Nevada event, with a long-standing desire to join you all in your desert, and meet you all and experience to joy of sharing in your regional event, my camp and I are broken-hearted over the recent horrific events. The Burning Man Organization have typically been quite tone-deaf in their responses to major issues in our community, but I don’t believe it is intentional. The larger Burner community however really make up the bulk of the community and I know that within this larger community the support you need and the condemnation you seek is heartfelt and generously given!! We love you and stand with you!! ❤️💔

Playa Penthouse Camp.

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