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What Is Free Camp?

Freecamper - Welcome to the Playa!

The freecamp zones are camping areas that will be marked on the map as such, and are meant to be used by anyone. In the freecamp zones you can set up whatever you like without any prior coordination (but in line with the Safety regulations!)

Like any other participant, we are totally Self Reliant (per the Ten Principles)

What is Free Camp?

Free camping means building your own unofficial Home away from home, not as a part of a Theme Camp (because you didn’t want to / didn’t find any that you like / don’t like official forms and camp rules). It’s a communal effort to enable your own Radical Self Reliance. Your home can be a tent and a small shade structure, or ten tents (because we like to go crazy) surrounded by a string of LED lights. If you chose Free Camping, it’s a chance to Burn your own way! 

Take the time to read the map and find the free camping zones, where you can set up your space, whether great or small, with “content” or just as a place to recharge between your Playa sorties. Free campers offer their Participation and their Gift to the Playa in any way they like, in Communal coordination with fellow neighbouring Freecampers, in a space of Self Expression of their own making, and of course - make sure to Leave No Trace afterwards. 

Free campers are an essential and irreplaceable part of the dynamic, spontaneous, surprising and radical space of the Burn. They make our Playa richer, intriguing, and more unpredictable. 

Arrival to the Village, Placement and Logistics

Unfortunately, the use of generators in the Village in not allowed. 

Free campers can only set up after the Gate opens. There is no way for a Free camp to place themselves on Early Entry! If a Free camper has a shift during Early Entry, there will be a specific place for them to place a tent (under a shade structure provided by the event Production team). This space is also available for Free campers during the event so you can stay there if you like, or move to another Freecamp designated zone. For more information and registration, see here.

Free camp is allowed only in designated zones (on the map it’s a camping area without a Camp name on it). 

Campervans: Please read the campervan regulations. There is a registration form, please make sure you only order from a registered supplier. Remember to buy a campervan ticket. For more information about campervans, see here

For your convenience, the space in the Free camp zone is calculated as 12 sq. m. per person. 

Logistics and supplies:

Electricity is available by advance registration. Notify the supplier when you know your placement. 

Lavatories and showers are available onsite. 


  • Construction: In the Free camp zone it is possible to build only:

  • Shade structures.

  • Any structure that is not higher than 2m, and that cannot be climbed

  • All participants agree to be bound by the Safety regulations of the Village: Im link for village guidelines

  • For any question or issue, please email us at

LNT - Leave No Trace

One of the Ten Principles of the Burner culture and all Burn events is Leave No Trace. The simplest was to go about it is: Leave nothing behind. We have built a Village and after the event it will be gone as if it was never there. 

MOOP: Matter Out Of Place. This means everything and anything which was not there when we arrived. Everything we bring in, must leave with us. This also means any trash we either arrive with (packages, personal items etc), or generate during the event (food leftovers etc). Any MOOP, however small, aggregates and eventually affects the environment. 

So first - Pack It In Pack It Out - don’t bring anything you cannot take back with you. 

Second thing is - Do not leave anything onsite. 

And lastly - if you see MOOP, pick it up. We all drop stuff unintentionally. Trash lying around is everyone’s responsibilty. So if you see MOOP lying around, practice those squats and pick it up. 

Cooking a gourmet meal? Packages can be sorted and left at home, and the food packed in reusable containers, so you don’t have to take them with you to the Burn and back. Less MOOP! 

Don’t expect that someone else will clean after you. LNT is everyone’s equal responsibility, and we all should work to keep our Village and Playa clean. 

M.I.T.A. (BED)

MITA is one of Midburn’s most important initiatives. Its purpose is to educate and, if needed, provide a first response to sexual harrasment and assault incidents during Midburn community events. We aim to make our community a safer space for everyone.

So, another Burn event is just around the corner, an opportunity to connect and to co-create! Before the event, a reminder - a Burn is not just an event, it’s a community. A community of love, acceptance, freedom and above all, a community which is a safe space for everyone!   

Yet unfortunately, sexual harrasment can happen everywhere. We should not keep silent, we should act together to create a Village where everyone can feel comfortable and safe. So, what can we do to make this happen? 

  • Awareness. Pay attention to your surroundings. Be aware of disturbing or harassing behaviour.

  • Do not judge. Everyone has a right to feel safe, regardless of circumstances. 

  • Respect boundaries. Pay attention to signs of discomfort or non-cosensual behaviour. Respect other people’s personal space.

  • Report. If you have been harassed or you know of any such incident, let us know. MITA are available at 052-8622466.

Together we can create a safer event for everyone!


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