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 RV Guidelines - Midburn 2024 - Traffic Department

This procedure is intended to regulate the entry of caravans and RVs to the Midburn 2023 event.


What is an RV?

1.1 A recreational vehicle (RV) is the term generally used for a motor vehicle or caravan equipped with living space and amenities found in a home. There are 2 types of RVs -

  • Caravan - a caravan home towed by another car and equipped for living in.

  • Motorhome - A motor vehicle that is fully equipped for living in. It will not be possible to bring a motorhome into the event, but only to the parking area.

In the caravan’s license (terms translated from the Hebrew license format) it should either say - “a closed caravan” or “a closed caravan for residence”.

In the motorhome’s license it should say - “united residential” or “private residential” or “transporting residential”.

2.1 Vehicles that have been independently converted for residence, without undergoing a legal licensing process are not defined as caravans or motorhomes, and are not allowed to enter the city area, and are only allowed to stay within the general parking area.

2.2 For safety reasons and due to fire extinguishing regulations, motorhomes are not allowed within the event grounds.

Caravan placement at the event

The Caravan placement guides are as follows:

3.1 If the caravan owner is part of a theme camp, the caravan must be located within the defined boundaries of that camp.

3.2 If the caravan owner is a "free camper," the caravan should be placed in a designated caravan parking area and its exact spot will be determined by the caravan department reps in the event area. 

Caravan carrier

4.1 Only authorized caravan providers (known as 3rd Party Providers) are permitted. An authorized provider has undergone training by the association, signed a responsibility and insurance agreement, understands the nature of the event, and has been publicly acknowledged by the association as an "Authorized Provider."

4.2 Drivers from authorized providers, invited by the caravan orderer with an event entry ticket, should coordinate their entrance with the orderer before arriving at the event. At the gate, the orderer must present both their personal entry ticket and the caravan ticket.

4.3 To clarify, caravans should not be placed in areas designated as "Free Camp" areas except in designated caravan parking areas. Also, caravans shouldn't exceed the boundaries of their affiliated camp.

4.4 It's the orderer's responsibility to ensure removal or covering of any branding/advertising on the caravan.

4.5 The entrance procedure for caravan providers follows the standard supplier gate procedures.

4.6 Every entering caravan must have valid licensing. Due to licensing procedures, the caravan's gas systems will be inspected and approved on-site by a technician. The gas procedures for caravans adhere to Midburn's gas procedures.

Event participants with a caravan

5.1 Participants with event entry tickets can bring their caravan into the city premises, provided they've purchased a caravan entry ticket.

5.2 All caravans, of any type, wishing to enter must pre-register using the this form provided by the traffic department. the form will be open until june 3rd or until the amount of RV tickets is sold out.

5.3 Caravans parking within a camp in the city can only enter after the camp's location has been approved. If a caravan owner doesn't have pre-entry approval, this must be indicated on the registration form. They'll receive special early entry permission with the vehicle or have a rep from their camp retrieve the caravan.

5.4 Caravan entry into the event will only be permitted on June 10th, from 8:00 am to 18:00 pm. After that, the gate will be permanently closed for caravan entry.

5.5 A participant who has ordered a caravan can obtain special permission for early entry on the specified date to set up the caravan before the event (this should be mentioned in the caravan registration form).

5.6 In exceptional cases, participants with Build permissions can bring a caravan into the city, but only if they've obtained written prior approval from the association.

5.7 For safety and licensing reasons, minors won't be allowed to enter the event area before the specified time in section 5.4 above. 

5.8 Due to safety and licensing regulations, vehicles are restricted from moving within Midburn’s area throughout the event's duration. Once the event commences, caravan movement is strictly prohibited.

5.9 Caravans are not allowed to extend beyond their designated area or occupy additional spaces.

Gas system usage in caravans 

6. Caravans with a gas system can only enter the event after verifying the system's compliance. The gas container must be a reusable 12 kg type, not the puncture variety. A metal barrier is required between the gas container and the caravan's air conditioner, which will be checked on-site by event gas safety personnel. Be aware that gas guidelines might be updated based on fire department instructions during the event, so always stay informed and act accordingly.

Caravan entry procedures 

7.1 The participant ordering the caravan should pre-register it using the form attached to this policy.

7.2 Once passing through the gate and fulfilling entry requirements (such as having a verified supplier's certificate, an event entry card, a caravan entry card, a valid driving license, and containers for storing gray water), the caravan operator or owner should proceed to the supplier's parking area.

  • 7.3 Upon reaching the supplier's parking lot, the traffic department will ensure all details about the caravan are complete, including its location (either as part of a theme camp or in a free camp). If there are missing details, they will be filled in before entering the city.

  • 7.4 If the caravan's placement is within a camp, it can only be positioned with the individual who ordered the caravan and/or the camp leader.

  • 7.5 If the caravan's location is within the "free camps" area, it will be placed in a pre-determined spot designated for caravan parking in the free camps, as per traffic direction and solely at the discretion of the Midburn production team.

  • 7.6 A caravan can only enter the city's area with an escort, either the person who ordered the caravan or a camp representative to which it's designated. This escort should be familiar with the caravan's intended location (by hour/street). Caravans wandering the city in search of a spot will not be permitted!

  • If the individual who ordered the caravan is also driving it, they must ensure there's another escort on foot leading the vehicle in line with the stated rules.

  • 7.7 Once the caravan is positioned, the vehicle towing it should immediately exit, either parking within the designated city areas or outside of the Midburn event boundary.

  • 7.8 Decommodification of caravans

  • Adhering to the principle of Decommodification, caravans or motorhomes with visible branding are not allowed within the event. This includes advertisements from rental companies, private entities, or any other commercial branding. Such branding should either be removed or completely obscured before entering the event. Branded caravans will not be permitted within the event area.

** Branding: advertisement of a rental company, advertisement of a private company, branding of a company, advertisement of a product, etc.

Connecting caravans to electricity 

8.1 How to connect the caravan to an external power source?

Every caravan is equipped with a designated plug that allows it to be connected to an external power source, ensuring all of its systems are powered. If you wish to connect your caravan to electricity during Midburn, you'll need to arrange for this in advance. Once set, you can then connect to the event's electricity supplier at a special rate for caravans, based on the forthcoming published price list.

Be cautious and avoid sharing power from your caravan to other entities without prior coordination with the electricity provider. Such providers have the authority to disconnect any caravan found distributing power without their knowledge or consent.

Please note: electricity will be provided starting from 12:00 noon on the event day. For those arriving with a caravan earlier in the morning, we suggest stocking up on ice to ensure your food remains cool or opting for a solar system as an alternative.

8.2 Caravans with onboard generators won't be permitted entry into the temporary city. Hence, avoid bringing any type of generator and leave them at home! 

Additionally, there will be no provision for their storage. As per the event's regulations, there's an outright ban on the use and operation of personal generators during large gatherings. A majority of caravans in Israel are outfitted with generators, but their operation is strictly prohibited. Non-compliance with these regulations not only breaks the law but also risks the future of the event. Midburn's dedicated safety teams will ensure such generators are neither placed nor operated within the premises.

Caravans arriving with any form of generator will be denied access to the event.

Dealing with Gray and Black water

After usage, your caravan's fresh water turns into gray water. It's crucial to understand that dumping this water onto the ground is strictly prohibited. While each caravan's drainage system might differ slightly, all have a central drainage point for gray water that drains from sinks, showers, and toilets. For non-motorized caravans, this gray water is collected in a dedicated storage tank. If you need gray water evacuation services (provided at a fee by a Midburn-approved vendor), it's the caravan owner's responsibility to contact the vendor and ensure the service is conducted. Depending on the vendor’s guidelines, you might need to equip yourself with a suitable collection tank to facilitate the gray water draining process from your caravan.

Black water refers to the waste accumulated from the caravan’s toilets. Its disposal involves removing a "cassette" and emptying it into specific containers placed at 3-4 strategic points along a logistical axis (locations will be indicated on the event map). 

A stern warning for caravan owners: anyone found dumping cassettes or any waste into public toilets will face severe consequences, including being denied future entry to the event with a caravan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm arriving with my caravan, but I'm a free camper. Can I bring my caravan into the city?

A: Yes. The entrance of caravans for free campers will be permitted just like any other caravan. Ensure you have a pre-arrival authorization and indicate this in the registration form unless you have already received one from the production or art. If arriving the day before the event, present your early arrival authorization to the caravan organizer.

Q: I'm part of a theme camp, but I'm not coming during the Build setup. However, there are people in my camp. Can they bring in my caravan during the build setup on my behalf?

A: Yes. Once the Theme Camps Department has confirmed that your camp has begun its build setup, caravans can be brought in. They must be accompanied by a rep from the camp who will come to collect the caravan from the supplier's parking area and place it within the camp boundaries.

Q: I'm coming for the Build setup. Can I bring in my caravan when I arrive?

A: If you are a member of a camp with an early entry permit, you can bring in your caravan only after the camp has been approved for occupancy. If you are a free camper with early entry permission, you can bring your caravan to a designated area that will be published on the map.

Q: I'm coming with a caravan but leaving before the end of the event. Can I take out my caravan?

A: No. The departure of caravans will only be allowed after the end of the event, and upon receiving police authorization for it.

Q: I'm a free camper. Where can I place my caravan, and when can I bring it into the city?

A: After passing through the gate and showing the relevant approvals, you can take your caravan to the suppliers' parking lot and leave it there until you are assigned a designated spot. Once the final location is identified, you can bring it in, following the escort procedures. As mentioned, a caravan without an exact final location (time/street) won't be allowed into the city. 

Q: I'm part of a camp, but our camp doesn't permit caravans. What can I do?

A: Change camps! But seriously, you can place it in the designated area for caravan parking in the free-camping zone specifically for caravans.


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