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Area Clearance Procedure

Why Clearance:

Leaving No Trace is one of the ten principles of the Burn, and it is important to us as a community. 

In the Leave No Trace (LNT) Department, our goal is to help the community return the site to nature as clean as we received it. Therefore, it is crucial that each of us ensures cleanliness during the event and complete cleanliness at the end to restore the site to its original state.

What it means for Theme Camps:

At the end of the event on Saturday, each camp will need to get clearance approval for their camp area from the LNT Department. Before getting clearance, please make sure you have completed all the steps. We are short-staffed, and if we have to visit the same camp multiple times, we won't be able to clear everyone:

  1. ​​All equipment is dismantled and already removed from the site. Please make sure the area is completely empty and not "we gathered everything and will load it soon."

  2. You have scanned the entire area for debris, such as: zip ties, ropes, decorations, cigarette butts, and anything else that doesn’t belong there.

  3. All waste has been moved to the transfer station or to camp members' cars (please recycle).

  4. There may be cases where the supplier has not yet dismantled or collected the equipment at the time of clearance, for example, a shade structure or greywater system. In such a case, you can still get clearance, but the camp is still responsible for ensuring the supplier does indeed take care of it.

The Clearance Team will be located near the village kitchen and the reception area. Additionally, due to the distances, you can contact us through the exhale group when you are ready. The team will operate between 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Camps wishing to get clearance earlier should coordinate with Ziv Kedem (listed in the exhale and leaders' group) by June 7th, and we will find a solution. After 7:00 PM, it is not possible to get clearance because it gets dark.

Camps that have a gift installation in the village area must get clearance for both the camp area and the gift area. You do not have to do both at the same time since they are in different locations.

What it means for Free Campers:

Free campers have double responsibility at the event because there are no formal clearances. 

Still, please make sure to complete all the steps for camps (gather all equipment, scan for debris and butts, and remove all waste) just like the theme camps. If you see some trash left from a nearby tent, please pick it up too. 

Let's leave the area especially clean.

What it means for Art Installations

Art Installation builders also have double responsibility because we cannot clear the area.

Please leave the installation area completely clean, without broken zip ties, parts, etc. 

Leave it clean and scan the installation area for unrelated debris.

It's important to return the entire site to nature clean. 

When you finish, please photograph the clean and empty area and send it to us in the Clearance WhatsApp group - here is the link.


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