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Announcement on refund policy

Dear participants,

It’s difficult to write this, in the terrible situation that we find ourselves in today, in the midst of the pain and the sorrow on the loss of loved ones, among them members of the Midburn community. Amidst the worry for those that are still missing, among them our dear Hagit, amidst the heartbreaking news on those taken hostage, and the worry over those who are currently recruited. We understand the need for clarity and certainty for Midburn’s ticket holders, following the announcement from a week ago that Midburn is postponed to an unknown date. In practice, this is an announcement that Midburn 2023 is canceled

The ticket fees are crucial to many of us, who find themselves facing financial uncertainty at this time when every shekel can have an impact. Therefore, although the whole picture is still unclear, we would like to start refunding tickets as quickly as possible. 

It’s still too early to tally the production expenses that were already made and paid for, but since it was but a month before the event was scheduled to begin, we have financial commitments to artists and suppliers, as well as expenses incurred by the various production teams and the Midburn association, refunds for volunteers and more. 

The refunds will be made automatically. We will try to do this as swiftly as possible, but bear in mind that the process may take up to 2 weeks. According to the cancelation policy as stated in the event’s Terms and Conditions, ticket holders will be refunded 75% of their tickets’ cost. Those who have purchased their tickets on or after September 23 2023 (14 days before the announcement regarding the postponement of the event) will be refunded 95% of their tickets’ cost, in accordance with the law. 

We ask for your patience and understanding for the time this process is expected to take. As always, this is all done by a team of volunteers of  the Ticketing Department, whose team lead and dear friend Hagit is still missing since the terrible terrorist attack of October 7. 

We are also making an effort to reduce any other expenses and minimize the financial effect of the event’s cancelation. The war’s economic repercussions are affecting us all. 

We continue to support members of our community who have participated in the production weekend. 

Additionally, we are thinking of creating inspiring spaces dedicated to emotional support and recovery, and for connecting between community members and people outside of our community. Those initiatives will also require resources and we hope to start such activities in the near future. 

Hoping for quieter days, 

The Midburn team.


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