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Who can turn to the Accessibility Department?

The Accessibility Department is an enabler, we are the interface that aids the ones who need another stepping stone into Midburn

The Accessibility Department will try to assist anyone who feels they need it, while still upholding the principle of self reliance. Sometimes we would help in mobility, other times we’ll help carrying equipment or setting up a tent. Sometimes you’ll just get some good advice.

Some examples:

  • A person diagnosed with PTSD can receive allotments for ticket purchasing from our department.

  • People with mobility difficulties. We operate shuttles, accessibility carts, either driven by our volunteers and also self transport.

  • We won’t always have physical aid to offer but a camp member called us about their friend who needs private toilets due to medical issues. We cannot provide those, but we could assist with advice.

Do you need any assistance? Are you not sure or hesitant? Please contact us to receive either advice or some aid.


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