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So, how do I find a camp?

Perhaps we should start with what a Theme Camp is. A Theme Camp is an organised group of individuals who are coming to Midburn together.

It could be for the first time or the 20th time.

These people are joining one another due to logistics but most of all to create and bring some kind of a gift to the whole city.

There are sound camps that make us dance all day and all night long, there are camps who feed us with delicious food, there are camps for games, performances, or deep and meaningful conversations.

Everything goes as long as there is mutual agreement. 

Now that we understand what a Theme Camp is how do I know it is right for me?

You don’t have to belong to a camp to take part in Midburn.

You can come on your own or with a group of friends.

We do recommend belonging to a camp if this is your first Midburn.

This means you will have people around you to help you with questions such as what is grey water or what to do with MOOP (Matter Out Of Place).

In addition, it’s always a great experience to be a part of a group that works together to bring a gift to the city.

It is important to understand that belonging to a camp takes some work.

You’ll be spending time planning and building, taking responsibilities of certain areas, but between us, this is almost as fun as Midburn itself.

So, if we’ve decided we’re in favour of joining a camp, what now?

The next step would be to find one we connect with The best way to do it is simply to talk to friends or friends or friends.

Discover all these great camps, how they contribute, and how everything connects with what you have to bring.

Another great way is to simply participate in events prior to Midburn such as Kick-off meetings, fundraising parties, artists meetings and more!

These are great opportunities to meet new people, have a chat and understand which camp stands for what.

What if I live outside Israel? 

Then you have two ways of finding a camp.

First, you can write a post on Facebook in “Midburn International Group”, or in the Hebrew group דיבורי מידברן, where you introduce yourself.

For example: “Hey, my name is Berry the Bear, I love bees and caves and I’m really good at woodworking and I’m the life of the party”.

In a nutshell, just tell people who you are, what you’re good at and what your joy is. Secondly, you can follow the list at the bottom of this page, where soon enough we’ll have a list of all Theme Camps that specifically

invite non-Hebrew-speakers to join.

These are typically camps with a large portion of foreigners, or where English is the main spoken language.

It’s also recommended that prior to the event you don’t just communicate in texts but chat over the phone or meet in real life. 

A few important questions to ask before committing to a camp:

  • Are the camp fees right for me?

  • Is the way the camp being led suitable to me? (Some want to lead more, some want to lead less).

  • Do I connect with the camp’s gift?

  • If the camp includes kids, am I comfortable with that?

  • Will I be able to get enough sleep at night with this camp? And how important is it for me?

  • And most importantly, do I feel a connection with the people?

If there’s anything else you need, feel free to contact Support, write a post on Facebook’s Midburn International Group, or leave a message on our Discussion Board.

Good luck!


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