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All the details on today’s sale!

Please note: Everyone who had a ticket for Midburn 2023 has already received an SMS and an email with a link to purchase.

The link to purchase:

The link is open before the sale time.

To enter the system:

1. Enter your phone number (for which there was a valid Midburn 2023 ticket) >>

2. Get an SMS with a one-time purchase code >>

3. The access to the tickets will open today 8/4/24 at 20:00 Israel Time, and they will become available then.

● Only for those who had a valid ticket for Mibdurn 2023.

● There is no sale of children’s tickets in this sale. A sale for children’s tickets will be opened at a later date, to those who had valid adult tickets.

● Financial aid request form:

If you’re found eligible for financial aid, we shall refund your ticket (this means that today you need to buy the full price ticket).

● IDF reservists who cannot participate in the sale due to field action/no cellphone reception/army limitations:

We’re aware of the situation and we are working on a solution (we shall have a separate sale for you). For now, please write an email to the Ticketing Department at and provide us with your details + a proof of being on active reserve duty. We would appreciate it if you can let us know in advance (assuming you know) when you’ll be available for participation in a sale at a future date.

● The upcoming event does not allow tickets transfers. Don’t worry, this does not mean that you will be stuck with tickets in case you wish to cancel. It is possible to cancel your ticket within 14 days of purchase (with a deduction of 5% cancellation fee). A canceled ticket will return to the common pool for future sales.

A link to the terms and conditions of participation:

The Ticketing Department will be happy to help with any questions at


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