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Virgins Meetup

First time?

Do you have lots of questions and don't know where to start?

Great! The 2024 Virgins Meetup is kicking off.

We’ll discuss - 

  • What is Midburn? what is Burn to Basics?

  • What are the Ten Principles?

  • The Survival Guide

This is your place to ask questions, meet fellow virgins, and get to know experienced mentors who can help you along the way.

What should you bring?

  • Any questions you have and are curious to get answers for.

  • A reusable cup, reusable food utensils, a trash bag (because we leave no trace, we'll talk about this), and if you smoke, a reusable ashtray—go all out :)

  • This is a BYO = BRING YOUR OWN picnic event.

So, what you bring is what there will be, so bring snacks/drinks/anything that makes you happy and tastes good.


Friday, May 17, at 13:00

Tel Aviv Port / Yarkon Park - exact location will be announced later.


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