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Safe zone Department participation

Updated: May 1

The Safezone department is currently recruiting participants for the Burn to Basics 2024 event.

If you’re interested in providing support and guidance to participants facing emotional and mental challenges, please fill out the attached form.

We will contact you in the coming days to have a short introductory talk, and together we'll determine if it is appropriate to move forward with the participation process.

Due to the limited time and the need for participants, registration will be limited to the first 80 applicants. We’ll do our best to get back to everyone, and we hope the short time frame will allow it.

It’s important to note that participation requires attending our new participant meetup, which will be held on May 8th in the evening (location to be determined), and those who continue with the process will also need to attend our training weekend on May 24-25 (location also TBD 🙂).

No prior experience as a therapist or specific training is required for participation, and anyone feeling a strong calling to take part in our safe space is welcome to apply. As always, we are excited to welcome new individuals into this special circle of giving, and we look forward to seeing you soon, and in better times ❤️


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