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Final Ticket Sale

The final ticket sale will be on Saturday, May 18, at 8:00 PM.

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome!

This includes those who didn't get tickets to Midburn 2023.

No allocations, the sale is open to all on a first-come, first-served basis.

Financial Assistance Application Form

Ahead of the final sale, we've opened up another opportunity for financial assistance for low-income applicants. This year, financial aid is offered in the form of a rebate (cashback) on a full-priced ticket.

We've reopened the form for the upcoming sale; applications can be submitted until May 26 at midnight.

Once approved, you'll receive a cash refund for the difference.

Children and Youth Tickets

Once you have your ticket, you can purchase children and youth tickets through the system until stock runs out.

Remember to log into the system with the phone number used to purchase your participant ticket

(the system will not allow you to buy a child's ticket if it doesn't recognize that there's an adult ticket associated with your number).

Caravan Tickets

Make magic happen on the map! In the upcoming sale, a limited number of caravan tickets will be available at the same price as last year (420 NIS).

Be sure to follow the caravan procedure - Link to  RV Guidelines

and order your caravan from an approved supplier listed in our supplier table.

Ticket Transfers

Transfers will be open from May 19 until June 3 at midnight.

Detailed instructions for transferring tickets independently to the event Burn to Basics are available in the guide.

Please note:

● Money transfers between the ticket owner and the recipient must be handled privately (we do not facilitate this - it's between you two).

● Tickets cannot be transferred to someone who already has a ticket of the same type in the system.

Cancellation Policy

For all details regarding ticket cancellations according to our purchase and cancellation policy, here is the link.

The crucial date for cancellation fees is the date the form is submitted

(not when the ticketing department processes the form).

Have a question?

Our ticketing department would be happy to help -


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