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The second ticket sale opens today at 8 PM

Who can participate?
Even those who didn't have a ticket to Midburn 2023.
There are no reserved tickets; the sale is open to all on a first-come, first-served basis.

MidBEAR has hinted that we might be able to slightly increase the number of event participants.
Therefore, around 900 tickets will be sold in the upcoming sale. 
The MidBear always knows everything first.
Curious to learn more as MidBEAR does?

Financial Assistance Application

This year, financial assistance will be provided in the form of a rebate (cash refund) on tickets purchased at full price.
We have reopened the application form for the upcoming sale;
you can submit your request until April 30th at midnight.
Once approved, you will receive a cash refund for the price difference.

Children and Youth Tickets

After securing your ticket, you can purchase tickets for children and youth through our system until supplies last.
Be sure to log in with the phone number used to purchase your adult ticket.
Note: the system will not allow the purchase of a child ticket if it cannot verify an adult ticket linked to your number.

Ticket transfers will begin on May 18. 

You will be able to transfer your ticket to anyone via the system; further instructions will be provided later. 

Review our ticket cancellation policy and procedures here:
Remember, the critical date for cancellation fees is the date the form is submitted, not the date it is processed by our team.

Have any questions?
The Ticketing Department would be happy to help -


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