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Introduction Form

"To make content for Midburn is to take your delusional nonsense very seriously." The Whisperer, verse 21 🙂


Yes friends, the Midburn 2023 Content department started the trip down the rabbit hole. The hole is open, and we invite you to fall inside with us because without you it would be boring, so start telling us your dreams.


Some technical details not to be missed:


● There is a separate form for art and camps.

● Art form: includes the grant application from the Art Foundation & Main installations, (Effigy and Temple) – all in the same form.

● Prefer English? There is a separate form In English

● Deadline for filling out both forms: 24.7.23 at 23:59. You have 4 full weeks. There will be no extensions because we all have an uncompromising schedule to meet.

● A safety form for installations and camps will be sent separately, in about a month.

●There's not really a hike, right? It was an image.


Now we want to hear about the dreams, even if they are not fully baked.


Theme Camp Introduction Form

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