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Ticket Transfer Instructions

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

The Ticketing Department has prepared a detailed guide for ticket transfers:

Participation - Department/Camp/Arts/Art Car

and tickets - Abroad/67+/Accessibility.

Abroad Tickets

Following inquiries we’ve received, we’re aware that transferring a ticket to a participant from abroad might be challenging for you. Therefore, we will allow you to transfer a ticket to a participant from Israel if you can’t find a participant from abroad.

We ask you to first try and transfer to a participant from abroad to maintain the abroad allocation.

Reminder - The transfer will be done by logging into the system.

● Transfers of tickets for Abroad and 67+ will be approved by the Ticketing Department.

● Accessibility ticket transfers will be approved by the Accessibility Department.

Tickets can be transferredUntil October 31st, 23:59

The transfer of funds between the ticket holder and the ticket recipient will be done independently (we don’t handle this - it’s between you).

Have questions?

The Ticketing Department will be happy to help -


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