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Participation Ticket Transfer Procedure

This guide details the instructions for transferring a participation ticket

(which means a department/camp/installation/art-car ticket).

and Overseas/67+/accessibility tickets.

pay attention:

  • You can transfer a ticket Until October 31st, 23:59

  • Transfer of money between the card holder and the card recipient will be carried out independently (we do not handle this - it is between you) 

  • It is not possible to transfer a ticket to someone who already has a participating ticket to their name in the system

  • The final approval for the transfer of the ticket is carried out by the leader of the department/camp/installation/Art-Car from whose allocation the ticket was originally bought.

  • Overseas/67+ tickets - the final approval is carried out by the ticketing department

  • Accessibility cards - the final approval is carried out by the accessibility department

The process:

Ticket transfer process - Owner (person to whom the ticket was originally allocated): 

  1. Follow the link to the ticket.You should have received this link via text after purchasing the ticket. If you cannot find it, contact the Ticketing Department by email and we will resend it to you. 

  2. Tap “Request Transfer” (see screenshot below):


  3. In the next window, enter the phone number and email of the person that you want to transfer your ticket to.
    Please make sure you’re entering the correct phone number and email of the recipient! Providing wrong details will delay the process, and you will have to contact the Ticketing Department directly to fix the issue.  


  4. Now all you have to do is hit “Submit”:


  5. Your part is done! 😇Now, the recipient and the Department/Camp/Art Lead should continue the process on their side. 


  6. As the ticket’s receiver, you need to follow the link they got in the text message or email, and enter your details to create a new ticket:


  7. After entering your personal details and agreeing to the EULA and Terms and Conditions, hit “Sumbit”:


  8. That’s it! You have done your part. The ticket transfer is now waiting for the final approval of the Department/Camp/Art Lead who provided the ticket’s allocation


  9. In order to approve or decline a ticket transfer, you need to enter the Ticket Management Interface. This is the same page you used to provide the allocations. 

  10.  On the left side, navigate to the transfers page:


  11. On the transfers page you will see all the transfer requests awaiting your approval. To see a request’s details, tap on the “transfer” button (the one with the arrows, see below):


  12. After tapping the button, you will see the details of the transfer request. You can then choose to Approve or Decline the transfer: 


  13. That’s it! The transfer is complete. The new ticket will be sent by text and email to the recipient. 

3. Ticket transfer process - Approval/Denial by the Lead
Section 3 is not relevant for overseas / 67+ / accessibility tickets. 

2. Ticket transfer process - Recipient (person to whom the ticket is being transferred) 

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