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Participation Sale Round B

The sale will open on September 17th at 20:00, and will close on September 23rd at 20:00.

We’ve prolonged the sale by two days to give you enough time.

Attention - this is the last participation sale!

All unclaimed allocations will be transferred to the OMG sale.

We can purchase a ticket in this sale?

Anyone with a content allocation (camps, art, art cars), city departments, accessibility eligible, financial aid, internationals.

Financial aid - all those eligible have received an email notification, and will receive another one with specific directions prior to the sale.

Internationals - the registration form is open until September 20th, please register by then. Note that international allocations are for foreign citizens living abroad.

Tickets for youth\children\caravans can be purchased at any time even after the sale, as long as supplies last.


The Ticketing Team will be happy to assist you by email at:


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