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Protecting the set we received as a gift

In a couple of weeks we will all meet in the desert for our masquerade.

The sky will shine with a million stars and we will celebrate the summer solstice together.

The desert gives us the perfect decor and we will make every effort to maintain it!

So what should we think about when we start planning our costume, camp, art installation and gift we plan to bring to the Playa:

  • Costume design, gift, content - how do we bring with us to the desert as few items as possible that might become waste? - Instead of feathers, sequins, stickers, Tikas… - will we wear glitter clothes and try face paint? take all the items out of the packaging into reusable boxes that we will take home with us? Will we make sure to match a bag to our costume with space for a personal ashtray, a reusable cup, a bottle for water and a plastic bag for our trash?

Ordering a ride instead of taking out a car - to reduce pollutant emissions and also so that we do not have to drive home after a day without sleep.

Link to purchase a shuttle ticket -

We will make sure that all the friends who come with us, know that this is a waste-free event and prepare accordingly

Excited to celebrate the masquerade, Purim, us and our amazing nature together !!!

With great love from the Hushlush team and earth


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