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What Is Consent? - MITA Update

Imagine a world in which you attend an event where everybody volunteers, everyone is free to express themselves; half naked during the day and at night illuminated head to toe by lights.

We manifested it quite easily; didn’t we?

Now imagine a world where we can dance and celebrate and know that we are Safe. Wh

ere we can approach another being, who we’re attracted to and clearly Communicate how we would like This meeting to ‘be’; What we would say ‘yes’ to and what is a ‘no’ for us.

We can manifest this too.


What is consent? Everything that an ‘aware’ person communicates via words and body language as YES

Real consent is not passive it is a clear and active, fully engaged and excited YES.

Maybe means No

Doubt means No

‘I don’t know’ means No

Silence means No

Aloofness means No

Drunkenness means No

Full consent is an equal, free, clear and reversible agreement (if chosen to) between yourself and another.

So that we can

manifest this beautiful world we dream of, we ask again, that everyone is Conscious of their surroundings and of other people.

If you notice a situation where somebody who is not completely ‘present’ and in their right mind is not fully excited about saying YES to the other, please gently intervene and ask them if ‘they are okay’ ?

If you were wrong or overreacted to what you saw, then you only interfered for a moment And things will go back to the smooth way they were happening before.

If you were right, you could have really helped someone get out of a dark place which they were already in or going deeper into..

This kind of alertness of our community members has helped to avoid situations in the past which could’ve been very damaging.

Wishing everybody an Awesome, Safe and enjoyable masquerade ball

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