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‏All you need Remember before you're going out

Midburn’s masquerade 25.03

Ready to take off the masks and just be!

Early arrival for content setup - Friday 25.03 - 08:00-11:00

Masquerade gates open - 25.03 at 15:00

Masquerade gates close for entry - 26.03 at 01:00

Masquerade ends - 26.03 at 10:00

Arrival via car - enter in Waze: Mesada Hall. Waze link:

Instructions for those arriving with a car:

Parking - please listen to the instructions of the transportation department crew and park your vehicles in an orderly manner without blocking others. A vehicle blocking others will be towed.

You should attach a sheet of paper with your name and phone number so that we can contact you in case your vehicle is blocking others.

At the gate - present an ID, the event ticket and a shuttle ticket (if you have one).

There is almost no internet access at the location, so kindly please download or print the ticket barcode in advance, in order to to avoid delays and aggravation at the gate.

Nothing will be for sale at the masquerade - whether food, drinks, ice, or anything else for that matter - Please exercise radical self-reliance for everything. Whatever we will bring and share is what we’ll have :)

Toilets and drinking water - there will be drinking water and toilets at the masquerade

There will be sobriety tests at the exit. We ask to refrain from drinking alcohol 3-4 hours before you get back on the road.

Music: Music will start at 15:30 and will end at 10:00AM on Saturday.

What to bring to the event:

A bottle for water (there are drinking fountains where you can refill your bottle)

Snacks (in reusable containers)

Warm clothing

If you wish to rest - outdoor mat, mattress, blanket

Small bag

Reusable cup

Personal ashtray

Trash bag

Personal light like torch or leds.

Your gift / game / activity /content / yourselves

What NOT to bring to the event:

Glass bottles

Decorations that can fall away and become garbage (MOOP), for example: body decorations, tikkas, sequins, confetti, feathers, etc.

any weapons

any animals

and disposable utensils (for example forks, spoons, dishes…)

any portable gas-powered stoves

Leave No Trace / Garbage disposal - Garbage containers will be placed outside the gate - kindly please bring trash bags for all your trash and at the end of the masquerade take it to the garbage containers.

Resto team - On Saturday morning there will be angels that will wander around and help all of us to verify that we’re leaving the area cleaner than we received it - the responsibility is all ours.

Shuttles for those that booked it:

Shuttles will leave on Friday at 14:00 from:

Haifa - Hof Hacarmel train station

Tel Aviv - Ganei Hata'arucha

Jerusalem - Teddy stadium

Shuttles will return on Saturday at 08:00


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