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Participation - Resto Team

Leave it clean, thanks!

After a week in the desert, there always comes a point when it ends.

And here we need you because we have an important task left!

To return the desert to its original state.

So simple - so important!!

What does this mean?

Resto team:

We stay 4 days after the end of the Burn (until 15.11 in the evening) and clean the desert.

The bonus - extend the unique experience by a few more days with what Midburn has to offer.

The Midburn community appreciates and values the Resto participants who invest their time to erase the last traces of the city. Therefore, Resto participants are entitled to a field ticket at half the cost of the regular ticket.

At the end of the event (Saturday), Resto participants will be adopted by the DPW (Department of Public Works) who will take care of all their needs (food, treats, and a fun Burn ending in particular).

They also understand how significant and important this work is.

So come pick up some MOOP, care for nature, and erase the city's traces!

Ah, and of course, you'll also receive an allocation.

For inquiries -


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