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Midburn in Masada - The Details

It's time to put our usual mask aside and ponder; which mask do I really want to wear?

Do I want to be glam? Freak show? Barbie tartlet? Which of my masks wants to be worn and how?

The Masquerade is beginning to come into existence along with our dresses and corsets, funky suits (and well, Onesies too.. right?)

So; what’s the plan? Midburn being Midburn, what we bring is what will be!

Art? Yes! Performance? Yes! Theme camps who want to bring their own gift? Yes!

We are setting up a 20 hour crazy Masquerade playground where everything (almost) is welcome.

In the coming days we will post a shout out for content, together with a form in which you can tell us about your dreams and realize them.

What else is planned for the event?

Dance floors: There will be two general dance floors (which do not belong to a specific Sound camp). We will soon issue a call for DJ participation.

An open stage for performance

And of course, All of Us! meeting and celebrating together!

So when is this magic happening?

Gates open on Friday 25.03.2022 from 15:00 - until Saturday 26.03.2022 10:00am.

Please note - The Gate will close on Friday at 01:00 am. at night. After that entry to the event will not be possible.

Yes, the Gaters and the Greeters also want to celebrate at the Masquerade.

We will soon call for participation in the various departments of the event - Nomads, Gate, LNT (Resto), Transportation and more…

Tickets (Ta Da!)

Sale opens on Monday 28.02 at 20:00

Ticket price (28.02.2022 until 17.03.2022 or until sold out): 240 NIS

Ticket price for latecomers (starting from 18.03.2022): 280 NIS

* It will be possible to transfer tickets - form to be released soon

** It will be possible to cancel tickets in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law and the Rules of Participation in the Masquerade - read here please

That’s all folks, for now. Be good.

See you in the next post


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