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Mapatz is Recruiting Participants

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Friends, burners and community members-

The Department of Public Works (Mapatz) is proud to invite you to join in giving the most rewarding gift on the Playa. The gift of building the city!

Mapatz are the first ones in and the last ones out! We are the ones preparing our temporary city for the residents who will bring their art and radical expression along with them, and right now we are in need of participants who can and want to join the elite team that makes the creation of Midburn possible.

We arrive at the location two weeks before the gates open and stay a week after they close - and the participation period with us is a whole week! During this week you get shade, water, great food, beer to your heart's content, showers and toilets. You will also experience art and content in addition to the joy of seeing the bare desert turn into a city built with your own hands. You will be required to required to this is a week in the desert of significant physical work - raising fences, knocking in metal posts, raising shades and netting.

We emphasize - this is a week in the desert, with a exciting group of people, in pampering conditions, all for our fucking city! But still, it is a week of hard work in the desert.

We repeat - A week of work in the desert. Heat. Not a party. Consecutive work. From the morning! One Week.


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