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Imagine a World

Imagine a world where you can attend a captivating event, where everyone is free to express themselves. We've realized this dream, haven't we?

Imagine a world where you can approach someone you're drawn to, share what you admire about them, outline your expectations for the encounter, and clarify what you hope won't happen.

Imagine forging an honest connection, one that's uncontaminated by manipulation. Picture the person in front of you, eager to connect!

Imagine that, together, we can foster a culture of eager, enthusiastic consent, devoid of any harassment.

We are the MITA Department, and we take pride in being one of the pivotal initiatives at Midburn. Our mission is to champion healthy intimate communication and, when needed, provide an initial line of support for those facing sexual assault and harassment. We're here to ensure a safer community for all.

Find us conveniently located next to the Clinic and the Safezone.

You're also welcome to reach out by phone at 052-8622466.


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