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First round ticket sales alert

Another quantum leap on our journey home!

First round ticket sales alert:

Sales kick off on Saturday, Aug 19th at 8 PM, wrapping up on Saturday, Aug 26th at 8 PM.

Who's eligible for this sale?

  • Participants in the City and Content departments

  • The 67+ crew

  • Accessibility tickets

  • Internationals

  • Financial aid

Financial aid tickets -

If you've sent in the form on time, hang tight. An update is coming your way by Aug 17th, with another email on the next steps of how to purchase.

Keep an eye out! 💌

An SMS and a matching email with ticket purchase details are headed your way.

Need the link?

Kids/Youth/Car/Caravan Tickets:

Available during and post-sale till stock lasts.


Our fabulous ticketing crew is here to help!


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