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⚡CAUTION: ELECTRICITY ⚡- Burn to Basics 2024

Electricity outside the village boundaries - Which includes the camp areas and deep playa, will be supplied by an external provider, as we are accustomed to working with at Midburn.
The cost of connecting to electricity has indeed risen. This increase is due to the general rise in market prices, the increased cost of diesel, transportation distances, and the smaller number of electricity consumers at this event compared to a "regular" Midburn event.
The costs charged by the electricity provider will primarily serve the needs of the camps and the content. The association has committed to paying the provider a high base amount to subsidize the electricity costs for the art content and camps.

Within the village itself, there is an existing electrical infrastructure (for which we are already paying) that will serve content creators and most of the production needs (explanation below).

We are attentive to the community's concerns and, following discussions with the provider, have reached an agreement that electricity can be shared between camps, as in previous years. The association will absorb the financial implications of this arrangement.

Art installations in the deep playa consuming up to 1500 watts, as is customary, will not be required to pay for an electricity connection.

Electricity "within" the Shitim village boundaries:
Within the village, many camps and artists have requested to create dynamic and lively content, whether in open spaces, semi-open areas, shaded spaces, or closed rooms. They will be able to rely on the existing electrical infrastructure.

As is customary at Midburn, connections up to 1500 watts for the purpose of content and art gifts do not require payment for electricity. Depending on the number of active content-consuming electricity, we will try to allow larger connections at no additional cost (as long as it doesn't overload the system). If your gift consumes more electricity than the existing connection in the village, you will need to purchase additional electricity from the external provider. We suggest you accurately assess your electricity consumption and update the content department at
If you know you need a large or unusual connection, please confirm this with the electricity provider in advance.

We hope this information helps the camps prepare their gifts optimally.

Anyone can order electricity, including camps, theme camps, and RVs.

The supplier table contains pricing and terms of engagement.
Note the updated terms that allow camps to share an electricity connection.

Generators cannot be used during the event.
Please refer to the electricity guidelines:

Bringing an RV? Remember to order electricity from the provider.


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