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Electricity Guidelines

  1. General

  • The electric grid in the event is supplied by a single authorized supplier, for the purpose of licensing and safety. inside the shitim village to power is provided by the israeli electric company.

  • The guidelines in this document apply to all of the event participants, both for those in theme camps, and those free camping - including RVs.

  • Theme camps will be connected to the grid 1-3 days before the event to allow verification of the licensing standards.

  • The grid will be activated on the official gate opening.

  1. General safety guidelines  for setup and use of electricity systems

  • Double insulated wires should be used for connecting any electrically powered systems.

  • All of the connections should be used using standard cables, splitters, outlets and plugs only.

  • Electrical cables should not be placed exposed on the ground. Electrical cables/systems should be either 2.5 meters above ground or buried if possible.

  • Damaged electrical cables should not be used.

  • Electrical systems should not be connected using exposed wires.

  • No heavy equipment should be placed on the electrical cables to avoid damaging them.

  • Electrical systems should not be placed closer than 3 meters to natural gas systems, fire or any heat source.

  • In the discovery of a damaged or exposed cable, the use of electricity should be stopped until the cable is replaced.

  • The use of electricity should be stopped in any case of heat up of cables/plugs or outlets or melting of cables/plugs/outlets, until the inspection of a certified inspector.

  • Do not extinguish with water a fire caused by an electrical short. Extinguish the fire using a dry powder fire extinguisher that has  a valid expiration date.

  • Touch a person that was electrocuted only with isolator materials such as plastic/wooden sticks, while disconnecting the electricity system.

  • Notify the Midburn production team in the occurrences of any of the above mentioned cases 


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