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Central Installation - The Concha

The Temple is a project that is inseparable from our community. It is the spiritual center of the temporary city, built for the benefit of all participants, individually and collectively.

The "Temple Builders" don't ask themselves, "Why am I doing this?" but rather "Who am I doing this for?"

Realizing the Temple, from ideation to establishment on the site of the temporary city Midburn, consists of a series of gifts. Starting from the artist's vision and idea given as a gift to the executing team, up to the finished structure that's given as a gift to the event participants and to the entire temporary city.

All those involved in realizing the idea and its execution are granted the pleasure inherent in giving the gift.

Every action related to implementing the idea and vision, whether it's turning a screw or wiping sweat from a friend’s forehead, embodies the energy that encompasses Mission, Participation, Communal Effort, Gifting, Radical Self-Expression, Radical Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality. All these values constitute the essence of the spiritual center - the Temple.

The Temple space allows individuals to connect with themselves, finding that place within us where we can take the time for introspection, to commune and respect our private space, and then to look again optimistically towards the horizon to new beginnings. It is a safe space where anyone entering the city gates is invited to find and feel love, happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and any emotion arising from the dust-laden ground.

Invitation to Participate

My name is Nati Goldman, and I am honored and excited to recommend and invite everyone, on behalf of the "Temple Builders" group, to join the “Temple Builders”. I invite you to join the unique journey that characterizes the Temple building processes, the partnership and participation in creating a hall magnificent in its beauty, partnership and participation in creating energy and content, participation in instilling love and emotion in the structure and its by-products, which will soon stand in all their glory for the benefit of all pure souls - residents of the city... A gift from the "Temple Builders".

This is the kind of journey you'll always want to remember, a journey that leaves you wanting more.


You are invited to join and participate in the journey - a form for volunteers can be found here:


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