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Accessibility Department | Radical Inclusion: A Camp Accessible to All

What is an accessible camp?

  • An accessible camp that allows all Playa residents to enjoy the camp’s gift as much as possible, catering to various needs.

  • A camp which is a family, one that supports any part of it when needed, ensuring everyone feels like a part of the family. For example - helping move equipment and allowing everyone to participate in building the camp.

That could be the most meaningful form of gifting, because there’s nothing like the gratitude

Attention: make sure your camp has an individual in charge of accessibility. This person should be in contact with the department to help us fulfill the vision of inclusive participation. Don’t worry, we will guide you in everything. To register your accessibility leader, fill out this form::

How can you make your camp accessible?

  1. Accessibility in the camp area: Ensure there's an accessible entrance and path for everyone. This includes access to art, toilets, showers (if available), the dance floor, and any other areas, ensuring everyone can enjoy them.

  2. Signs: We recommend putting up signs in visible places (about 150cm in height) with contrasting colors. Ensure they have a minimum size of 50 mm and are well-lit. Ensure the signs aren't obstructing paths.

  3. Accessible entrance: Should be 120cm wide and illuminated.

  4. Accessible path: Ensure there's a clear path to move around the camp and avoid any obstacles or bumps.

What about art installations?

  1. Ensure easy access. Avoid stairs unless there’s an alternative route.

  2. For those with sensory and cognitive disabilities: You might consider providing access to sounds through vibration or written words. Consider creating a tactile model for visually impaired individuals or using simple language and universal symbols in your text.

We remind you once again not to use the parking area next to the fences. These are reserved as accessible parking for disabled individuals. Even if you think it's just for a few minutes, avoid parking there. Doing so can prevent someone who genuinely needs it from accessing their camp.

We are here for any question or thought.

Accessibility department :


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