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A Playa Legend

So who is the ambitious whale we see starring in the ticket sales?

Midburn Desert City 2014

We see the Whale Team off in the distance, deep at work setting up at the edge of the horizon.

Hours upon hours of slavery in the hot sun and the dust all for one goal

It was an amazing sight to behold, to see it born into the dust

The whale was almost ready. It was spectacular.

Suddenly in the distance we saw them stop…And begin to dismantle the whole thing.

And then start again from the beginning?

Astonishment is the only way to describe it

Rumor has it they stretched the fabric covering the huge whale backwards and therefore had to unroll the fabric from the final construction and stretch it again the right way up.

And so it was done

And it was simply iconic

We will go looking for the full story first hand.

In the meantime

What rumors have you heard? What fairy tales do you know?

What do you remember about the whale?



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