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A Few Words From the Greeters Department

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Hi there!

This is the Greeters flight crew, the ones who transform you from default into your playa energies, delivering the Ten Principles in the most ingenious way possible. But seriously, this time we've flown too far!

This year we're taking you on a trip to the clouds

We recommend fastening your seat belts, not packing alone, bringing something to pass to someone with full consent, and joining our crazy plane.

Did we say plane? Yes! It's a frickin’ plane that lands in the city, and we invite you all for the flight of your life, to the greatest destination ever - Midburn 2023.

Greeters airlines flight attendants will await you at the playa gates, in the most radical outfits and with high energy.

We'll offer you something to drink, because on this flight if you drink - you fly!

We'll guide you through the principles of the burn community.

And primarily, we'll fly you from default to the most amazing destination EVER.

We'll invite you to take a selfie and then suggest putting your phone on flight mode, because it disrupts the principle of Immediacy.

So put on your comfortable and radical flight clothes, because everyone can board this flight, and we'll see you at the terminal!

Excited and thrilled,

Greeters Airlines team for the Midburn 2023 flight


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