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Terms and Conditions for Participation in Midburn Association Events (2023)


  1. Introduction

The following conditions constitute a legal agreement for all intents and purposes between the Midburn Association RA 580567600 (the “Event Organizer”) and/or any of its producers (the association and/or the producer will be referred to jointly and separate as: the "the Oorganizers"), and between each and every one of the profile owners registered on the association's website and/or ticket purchasers with regard to their participation in any event organized by the association ("event/s"). You are requested to carefully read what is stated in these terms. If you do not agree to any condition, you are required to withstand participation in the event.

Any reference herein to “participant(s)”, whether singular or plural, also includes attendees accompanying the ticket purchaser, such as children, minors under their care and/or anyone else who accompanies the ticket purchaser and for whom the ticket purchaser assumes full responsibility. This agreement supersedes any content presented on the association website, which might contradict the terms and conditions outlined in the clauses of this document.

Wherever "the event" or "the city" is mentioned is also in reference to the period of the initial establishment of the city and its dismantlement.

Purchasing a ticket to the event constitutes absolute and unconditional agreement to everything stated in these conditions.


2. Definition of a Midburn Event

Periodically, thousands of people gather in the Negev desert to create the Midburn City (hereafter "The Temporary City"). This Temporary City is dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. Any individual is entitled to participate in this blended community event. 

Midburn is a unique project, based on the format of the Burning Man Event (Nevada, USA), aimed at Israeli and international members of the Midburn and Burning Man communities. The project is centred on the establishment and existence of a temporary city in the desert, for a short period of several days, after which the city is dismantled, and all extraneous materials used in the building of this temporary city are removed, so that the event site is returned to its ’natural state’, as prior to the event.

The ‘Temporary City' is based on the programs/content created/constructed by the community members, the activities/participation of the community members and the Ten Principles established as the guiding framework for all proceedings.


It should be emphasized that the organizers are not responsible for the programs/contents established at the event, even if they have approved their creation.

As in any other city, the temporary city has a system of essential infrastructure and community services, including city planning, emergency and medical services, safety and security departments, sanitation, etc. These are established and run mainly by volunteers to provide adequate essential services to support the residents of the temporary city. The rest is up to the participants. 


The Ten Principles Guiding Personal Conduct at The Event It is mandatory to read and familiarize yourself with the Ten Principles of Midburn prior to attending the event. It is also mandatory for all participants to conduct themselves in accordance with the Ten Principles for the entire time they are present in The event complex, including the full duration of the event and during any other activity relating to the event, such as construction, organization, and disassembly, in the case that you take part in these activiti


Personal Responsibility Keep safe! -  First and foremost - take care of yourself! Pay attention to your needs and to the demands of your body, maintain your safety and the safety of those around you. Pay attention to anything that could endanger your safety and the safety of others.


Keep yourself healthy! - By participating in the event, you hereby confirm and declare that you are healthy and able to participate in The Event and in any activity it entails, and that you are not forbidden by any doctor/physician to participate in the event or in any kind of activity that takes place at the event. If at the time of the event you do not have a level of health that allows you to safely participate, you are obligated not to attend the event.


Watch your kids! - Children under the age of 18 (minors) are invited to participate in the event, provided both parents give their consent (regardless of whether they are married or divorced). Every minor must, always, be accompanied by at least one parent during the event. It is your personal duty to maintain the safety of your children throughout the event. For your information, in certain event compounds there will be activities which may not be suitable for children. You are requested to remain alert and be responsible for the content or activities your children are exposed to during the entire duration of the event. By law it is prohibited to serve alcohol to minors under the age of 18. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your children do not have access to alcohol during the event. These terms and conditions apply to both you and your children, and by bringing them to the event, you affirm this agreement also for them, as their legal guardian. You also approve that they have the consent of both parents to attend the event. If any of the two parents does not accompany the minor, a Parental Consent Form must be signed by both parents.


Protect the environment! - You are personally responsible for the cleanliness of your surroundings for the entire duration of the event, and especially when the event ends. You must take back with you any equipment, material, or waste, whether you brought it with you, or whether it was accumulated during your stay at the event, in such a way that no sign of your presence remains at the event site. As part of your participation in the event you are also asked to contribute time and help in cleaning the Temporary City during the event and at its end.


Look after your belongings! - You are personally and solely responsible for all equipment and property that you bring with you to the event. We recommend marking your belongings with your name, email, phone number and camp location, as well as keeping any valuable items under supervision or in a safe location. The organizers will not bear liability for any loss, theft, or damage of your belongings.


Terms of purchase/cancellation of a deal - Midburn 2023 Event

Ticket Payment will be made by credit card only. It will be clarified that the payment itself is made through an external clearing system which will be operated by an external company (hereinafter: the "clearing company"). Any purchase made through the clearing company will be subject to the instructions of the terms of use of the clearing company's website. The association will work to contract with a clearing company that has permission to manage databases and secure them as required by the Privacy Protection Law 5711, 1981 and which operates according to strict security standards.

Cancellation of a transaction will be possible on the ticket sales site in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of a Transaction), 2010-1771 within 14 days from the date of execution of the transaction, provided that the cancellation is made no later than 7 business days before the date of the event. It is clarified and agreed that the date of the event for the purposes of this section is defined as the date of the start of the establishment of the event in the field, i.e. - 10/17/2023 (hereinafter: "Event Start Date").After cancellation of the transaction by the purchaser as stated above, the purchaser will be entitled to a refund according to the price actually paid, minus a cancellation fee of 5% of the transaction price. The purchaser and/or anyone on their behalf will not have any claim against the association regarding the aforementioned deduction.


If the event is cancelled for any reason, until 08/31/2023 at midnight, the purchaser will be entitled to a refund according to the price actually paid, minus a cancellation fee of 5% (five percent) of the transaction price. The purchaser and/or anyone on their behalf will not have any claim against the association regarding the aforementioned deduction.


If  the event is cancelled for any reason, in the period between 09/01/2023 and 10/16/2023 at midnight, the purchaser will be entitled to a refund minus cancellation fees and participation in the event production costs that will be reduced to 25% (twenty-five percent) of the transaction price. The purchaser and/or anyone on their behalf will have no claim against the association regarding the said deduction.


If the event is cancelled for any reason, in the period between 10/17/2023 and 11/05/2023 at midnight, the purchaser will be entitled to a refund minus cancellation fees and participation fees for the costs of producing the event, in the total amount of - 50% (fifty percent) of the transaction price. The purchaser and/or anyone on their behalf will not have any claim against the association regarding the aforementioned deduction.


If the event is cancelled from 06/11/2023 onwards, and/or is stopped, for any reason, after it has started, the buyer is not entitled to any refund. The buyer and/or anyone on their behalf will not have any claim against the association regarding this.


For the avoidance of doubt, the administrators of the site and/or the association will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage, financial or otherwise, caused to the purchaser as a result of purchasing the tickets on the site and/or as a result of cancelling or postponing the events, and any reliance on the holding of the events on the dates being prepared is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


The admission ticket is personal and can be transferred only subject to the ticket transfer conditions of the association and with its approval, namely, until and no later than 31/10/2023 after this date, no transfer of tickets will be allowed


Entering the Exiting The Event

At the entrance to the event, you will meet the entrance gate volunteers (“gaters") who will assist you in redeeming your ticket and entering the temporary city. Entry of participants to the event will be possible from the time the gates open. This is according to the time pre-advertised by the association.


Early entry to the event will be allowed for authorized participants such as: the production team, the Department of Public Works (Mapatz), participants in the establishment of theme camps, those setting up an art installation, various volunteers and authorized suppliers, all of  whose early entry has been approved ahead of time by the production team and whose details have been forwarded to the Ticket and Gate Departments. Early arrival confirmation will be subject to fulfilling the instructions of the Ticket and Gate Departments.


Entry is conditional upon presentation of a valid event ticket and identification document (ID) with a recent photograph (i.e., national ID card, social security card, driver’s licence, or passport).  The personal details on the entry ticket and the ID must match. If they do not match, entry will be denied.


The entry ticket is personal. It is not possible to transfer a ticket to another person, except with the prior written approval from the organizers to the extent that they choose to approve it, and subject to clause 5.8, as outlined in the “Terms of Ticket Purchase and Cancellation for the Midburn Association Event 2023”.


5.The following is a comprehensive list of the items/properties/materials prohibited at the event:


It is strictly prohibited to bring animals of any kind to the event (including pets), except for guide dogs for the blind.


It is strictly prohibited to bring any type of material that is dangerous, toxic, harmful, or prohibited by law.


It is strictly prohibited to bring any type of weapon into the temporary city, this includes firearms and any other type of armament. The ban on bringing firearms into the temporary city also applies to licensed firearm holders. There will be no weapon deposit station at the event.


It is strictly prohibited to bring any form/type of illegal drug(s) into the Temporary City.


It is strictly prohibited to bring any item/property/material which might be prohibited by regulatory authorities.


Consent to inspection on entry - the organizers and/or the Israeli Police will have your full cooperation to inspect your vehicle and/or the vehicle you arrived with, to check that you are not in possession of any prohibited items according to Israeli law, or the conditions outlined in this document. Before entry, it will also be verified that every participant has a valid entry ticket. Failure to cooperate with such a check and/or failure to meet the conditions and terms of entry will result in you being denied entry to the event.


Wearing the Midburn identification bracelet - upon entering the event, volunteers will provide you with an identification bracelet. Children under the age of 18 (minors) will be given a bracelet of a different colour to facilitate the enforcement of the ban on serving alcohol to minors and for other safety reasons. Each participant must wear the bracelet throughout the entire event. Wearing the bracelet is mandatory, and participants who are caught without a bracelet will face expulsion from the event.


Movement and location restrictions during the Event: 


It is strictly forbidden to park vehicles, including caravans and/or set up camping equipment outside the boundaries of The Temporary City.


For your information, the movement of vehicles (except for authorized vehicles) is prohibited in the territory of The Temporary City. Therefore, if your vehicle is allotted parking in the temporary city area, you will not be allowed to move it until the end of the event.


Accessibility for participants with disabilities - people with disabilities are invited to participate in and attend the event. The organizers will strive to provide the maximum possible access for disabled participants, considering the physical conditions, and subject to the provisions of the law.


Rules for Exiting the Event:


For your information, it is absolutely forbidden to enter or exit The Temporary City with a vehicle for the purpose of loading and removing equipment before the end of The Event. If necessary, you must coordinate approved entry and exit with the organizers and follow the instructions given. There is no requirement for the organizers to provide this type of approval.


Leaving The Event area will only be possible via the exit gate of the city. Please note that if you leave The Temporary City and want to return, you may have to wait in the entry line and re-enter the exact same way you entered the first time. (This includes presenting your ticket, displaying your bracelet, showing ID and approving inspection for prohibited items).



Rules of Conduct at The Event


Inclusion and tolerance - radical self-expression stems from the uniqueness of the individual. You may determine the characteristics of your own uniqueness. However, to allow other participants to fully experience and enjoy the event you must respect their rights and freedoms with inclusion and tolerance.


Zero tolerance for violence - the organizers of the event advocate a policy of zero tolerance towards violence, whether physical, verbal, or behavioural. If you are harmed by a participant in the event, it is your responsibility to complain to the local authorities (i.e., police).


Radical self-expression - it is important that you know some of the participants at the event may behave differently or dress in another way than usual, corresponding with each person’s individual self-expression. This self-expression may include among other things partial or full nudity. By signing these Terms and Conditions you are confirming that you choose to participate in the Midburn Event wilfully and knowingly.


Sexuality, expression and maintaining boundaries - radical self-expression, whether related to extrovert sexuality e.g., nudity, or partial nudity etc., must not be viewed as an acceptance or invitation for physical contact or any other offensive sexual behaviour. Any form of sexual harassment that violates personal dignity, freedom, privacy, and equality between the sexes, is against the association's policy and is strictly prohibited by the guidelines of the association. It will not be tolerated in the Temporary City.If you are harassed/harmed by a participant at the event, you are encouraged to report it to the authorities, and inform the person in charge of the Midburn safe space via the following email address: Any such behaviour will be handled by the association in accordance with its’ procedures for handling sexual harassment. These procedures are a binding part of the event’s participation terms and conditions. By participating in the event, you are also subject to the Israeli Law for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment. Sexual harassment is a criminal act with grounds for criminal prosecution and damages, and any participant suspected of such conduct will be prosecuted accordingly.


Prohibited activity - commercial and political activity of any kind, including the distribution of ideological and advertising materials, waving flags, and placing signs of commercial entities, parties and organizations operating with the aim of influencing and recruiting supporters, is absolutely prohibited. 


Rangers - The Temporary City will have teams of Rangers. The Rangers are volunteers who are trained to mediate and help solve conflicts that might arise between event participants. The Rangers also help maintain security, peace, and general quality of experience at the event. The Rangers are not a function of the national law enforcement authorities and they do not directly intervene in circumstances that constitute violations of the law. The Rangers patrol the city 24 hours a day and are recognized by a khaki-coloured vest with the Rangers patch. You are requested to listen to and obey their instructions.


Maintaining law and order - The event takes place in the State of Israel and therefore the laws of Israel fully apply to you during the entire event. It is your responsibility to uphold the law and civic order and observe the directions given by authorities or the organizers of the event. Failure to comply with the directions of the security forces and/or the organizers may cause your expulsion from the event.



Photography and Documentation (Stills and Video)


Photography at the Event - as a rule, the event is a space that allows the participant to behave and express himself in a unique way. In order not to harm the experiences and privacy of the participants, we recommend that you leave cameras in a safe place and experience the event directly and not through the camera's lens.


Rules of Photography- since photography is sometimes an integral part of the experience of many of the participants, and in order to document the event while allowing all participants the freedom to express themselves without fear, photography at the event is subject to the rules detailed in this section (hereinafter: "Photography Rules") and this in addition to the provisions of any national law:


Photography will be for the personal use of the photographer and the photographed person. Photography for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.


You are required to receive explicit consent from the participants identifiable in the frame, and to avoid any filming that may harm personal privacy. 


It is prohibited to publish or distribute photos of any participant in which the person photographed can be identified, in any way, without their permission. This includes all advertising, media, websites, and social media channels.


uthorized Photographers at the Event - during the event photos may be taken by authorized photographers, who wear a special identification badge. These photographers will be trained and approved by the Media Department of the Association and will strive to avoid harming the privacy of participants and the nature of the event while taking pictures and publishing them. Different rules may apply to authorized Midburn event photographers, who will act in compliance with the rules and regulations which are issued to them, and they will not be able to post pictures without the explicit permission of the subject.


As a participant in the event you hereby authorize the Midburn Association to use photos of you, taken by authorized photographers, in order to promote the goals of the association, including use in the website and social networks. However, if you see a picture of you which you think violates your privacy, please contact us and we will remove it.

If you are either a journalist, artistic photographer, a documentarist, or if you want to take photos for publishing in public for any reason and/or if you wish to film using drones during the event, or if you would like to volunteer to be a photographer for the production of the event, you may apply for approval by contacting the Media Department via e-mail at .


Violating the Photography Rules - the Rules of Photography are a mandatory condition for your participation in the event and with your consent to these regulations you undertake to meet them without reservation. Violating any of the Rules of Photography is against the community spirit and may greatly harm the event, the organizers, and other participants. Therefore, the association will take any action necessary to prevent such violations. 


Agreed compensation for publishing images contrary to the “Rules of Photography” - be aware that in the case where you will advertise, publish or show on internet web sites, social networks or any social media, images which were taken against the Rules of Photography, you may be sued for compensation by the organizers of the event and by any other party who might be harmed by the images. 

In view of your knowledge and understanding of the damage that you may cause to the organizers of the event, by violating the Rules of Photography, and above all by publishing images in contrary to these agreed rules, in particular images that are offensive and/or revealing and/or infringe on privacy, you hereby declare and commit to the organizers of the event that you will compensate them for any damages they may incur, with a sum agreed upon beforehand of 50,000 New Israeli Shekels for each image published. You confirm that this amount is reasonable and under the circumstances you will have to pay it, without the organizer being required to prove grounds for damage. This agreement does not impede the organizers from claiming a higher amount of compensation in accordance with the nature of the violation.


Establishment and Burning of an Installation in The Temporary City


The Temporary City we are building is dedicated to total self-expression and art, including installations (an art installation is defined as any type of sculpture or art placed at the event), performances, Theme Camps, and unique costumes. This is the perfect place to give free reign to creativity and allow creation without restrictions and boundaries. The art created at the event is not commercial, is not commissioned and should not carry any branding. 


If you are interested in setting up an art installation at the event, you will need to register and receive prior approval from the organizers and follow their instructions, please contact


Burning an art installation is only allowed with the prior approval of the organizers, and under their management.




Theme Camps Theme Camps are an integral part of the fabric that creates the event.

Unlike standard camps that are designed to provide existential services to their members (residence, food, etc.), a themed camp also provides a space that invites other participants to come and enjoy certain content activities (e.g., music, dances, workshops, relaxation space, creative space and so on). If you intend to establish a Theme Camp, you will have to plan and consider every possible safety aspect in connection with it, it is your responsibility to take care of and bring with you everything necessary for setting up, dismantling, and maintaining the camp, in a safe and responsible manner, while preventing any risk to the participants and its guests.



Living Conditions at the Event Please note that a significant part of the event takes place in the open air, and under various weather conditions that might be harsh or extreme, according to the location and the season. The Midburn culture and Ten Principles prohibit trade of any kind at the event, therefore you must take care of yourself independently, your health, and your living conditions. You are required to provide yourself with shelter and protection from the elements, as well as enough food and water to last for the duration of the event, and any other provisions you might need for yourself.

On the website you can find more information that will help you prepare for the event, as well as a general Survival Guide. You are required to read this guide and use it to prepare for the event.



Safety at the Event


General safety is the top priority - it is fundamental for establishing The Temporary City and for the event at large. Each participant must take full responsibility for their actions so as not to endanger others in the event’s environment. Each participant should remain alert, always taking action to prevent and/or remove risks that exist in the event’s environment, and to immediately alert the organizers of any hazards.


Personal safety – remember to take care of yourself! You will be setting up a temporary home in desert terrain, please ensure:


That you remain hydrated.


Minimize your exposure to the sun.


Equip yourself with warm clothing for the cold nights.


Listen to your body.


Work safely during the setting up and dismantling of your camp.


Illuminate yourself and your surroundings with adequate lighting during the dark hours.


Always pay attention to objects, pegs, strings, and anything else that could be hazardous. 


Tent/Camp Safety – the establishment of a tent or camp in the Temporary City can pose many safety risks from potentially hazardous objects such as poles, stakes, large shading, work tools, electricity, gas, and fire, etc. In addition to these hazards, extreme weather conditions, including strong winds could blow away anything that is not securely fixed in place, posing further risks to safety. It is imperative that you take all necessary measures to prevent these additional dangers.


Facility, Art Installation and Theme Camp safety – the establishment of a Theme Camp or an Art Installation in the Temporary City may be accompanied by additional safety risks. Therefore, if you participate in the construction of an Art Installation or Theme camp, you should pre-plan and consider every possible safety aspect. It is your responsibility to take care of and bring with you all the necessary equipment for the construction, dismantling and maintenance of the installation or activity, safely and responsibly, while preventing any risk to you and other participants throughout the event.

If you have received permission to set up an Installation, a facility, or a Theme Camp in the Temporary City, you must act in accordance with the instructions of the organizers and the safety consultant. The full responsibility for everything related to its safety (including its establishment and dismantling) rests within your sole responsibility.


Fire Safety – it is strictly forbidden to light fire/bonfires, etc. in the territory of the Temporary City without the permission of the organizers. Permission to light fire, if it is granted by the organisers, will be done in a controlled manner under close supervision and using suitable apparatus (stainless steel fire barrel, steel barbecue, etc.).


Activity and Content Safety – if you plan to host or participate in planned activities during The Event that may pose danger of any kind, such as fire-based activities (e.g., juggling), circus and acrobatics or any dangerous activity of any kind, you are solely responsible for carrying out this activity while taking full care of your safety and the safety of the participants.

These rules also apply to those hosting or participating in activities including sexual content, workshops and/or any activity involving gender and sexuality. You are solely responsible for maintaining a safe space for yourself and the participants.

If during the event you choose to participate in a dangerous activity of any kind, you do so solely at your own risk.


General Safety Rules – during the event, you should act according to the safety instructions published and distributed for the event and follow any additional safety instructions provided to you by the organizers through the various channels.

Please note that the organizers and their representatives may instruct you to fix or remove any safety hazard and reserve the right to take immediate action to fix or remove anything that constitutes a danger to the public. You agree to immediately comply with such orders without any objections. Additionally, the organizers of the event have the right to charge you for expenses incurred for fixing or removing the safety hazard.


Volunteering and Participation

Volunteering - is an integral part of the event experience, and the volunteers are the ones who build the temporary city, operate it, and finally dismantle it.  To participate in the construction of the city and its operations, you must register here, and depending on the need, you will be contacted by the various departments. During the event, there may be an additional requirement for various roles; If you wish to volunteer during the event, you can contact the temporary city center and register there.

Please note that your volunteering activity throughout the event is not covered by the Israeli National Insurance Law.


Medical Treatment During The Event

As a rule, we recommend that during your stay in the Temporary City you are covered with the appropriate health insurance for your event participation.  A volunteer clinic will be operated in the Temporary City, the purpose of which is to provide medical assistance to those attending the event, in addition to the medical insurance required by the licensing regulations. 

If you do need medical treatment, you can choose to accept medical attention from the Event clinic's voluntary medical staff, or to seek alternative medical treatment, outside of the Temporary City. If you choose to accept treatment/advice from the event’s clinic, all treatment/advice offered by the clinic's volunteers and the event organizers is void from any grievances at a later stage, whatever the outcome.


Risk Awareness, Waiver and Release


Risks at The Event - the event organizers will do everything in their power to manage all safety aspects of the event in accordance with the licensing conditions and the national law. However, taking into consideration the large number of participants and possible risks, by purchasing a ticket to the event and participating in it, you confirm your understanding and knowledge that you may take part, either as a spectator, as a participant, or as a bystander, in activities that may involve the risk of injury, disability, death, loss of property or any other damage, which may be caused by as a result of any of the factors below or a combination of them:


Actions or lack thereof, errors and innocent mistakes made by the organizers, volunteers, and other participants. 


The conditions and limitations of the event, including the equipment in use. 


Weather and temperature conditions. 


The state of the other participants. 


Other unforeseeable risks.



Waiver and Release - in view of the above, by purchasing a ticket and using it to enter the Temporary City, and/or actively participating in the event in any way, you commit and declare on your behalf, and on the behalf of anyone under your responsibility such as underaged minors, the following:


I am solely responsible for all that may happen to me during the event or due to participating in it.


I understand and acknowledge the event will feature works of art, installations, theme camps, events and performances, which are not under the responsibility or ownership of the organizers and therefore I am aware of and knowingly undertake all risks that can be associated with my participation in any manner.


I release the organizers and all those acting on their behalf of any responsibility for damages caused to me or my possessions during the event.


I will undertake to indemnify the organizers, their agents, or third parties for any expense incurred to them due to damages caused by me during The Event, because of the risks listed above.


Exclusion from Association Events


It is clarified and agreed that the Midburn Association reserves the right to deny entry, immediately remove from the event,ban from future events, or permanently ban from all events, to any person who does not act in accordance with the regulations, terms and conditions of the organizers. This includes those who are reported or suspected of engaging in violence and/or sexual violence and/or sexual harassment and/or who is found to have entered an association event fraudulently, without a permit and/or who does not have an entry ticket that matches their identification card or does not have a bracelet that correctly verifies the purchase of a ticket in their name.


It is clarified and agreed that the Midburn Association reserves the right to immediately confiscate, at their discretion, equipment which is identified as violating the regulations, terms, and conditions of the organizers. Thereafter, the equipment user/owner will have no grounds for complaint or grounds to request the immediate return of the equipment.


The Midburn Association and/or anyone on its behalf will not financially reimburse anyone removed from the event, including the cost of the entry ticket, or any damages claimed due to removal from the event and/or for the confiscation of equipment.




You hereby authorize the organizers to contact you via the email address you provided at the time of purchasing the ticket, by sending updates, news, and changes to the terms and conditions, which will immediately apply to you, and you commit to stay informed in this manner and adhere to any of the updates.


If information reaches the organizers that you have previously violated the associations’ terms and conditions, or that you intend to participate in the event in violation of any of these terms and conditions, the event organizer will be entitled, at its’ absolute discretion, to cancel your ticket and/or your right to participate in the event. In such a case, you will be entitled to a refund of the ticket price, due to its cancellation, and except for this refund, you will not be entitled to any other/additional compensation due to said cancellation.


If you violate any of these Terms and Conditions while attending the event, the organizers will be entitled to react in any of the following ways, at their sole discretion, and void of liability:


Stop your participation in the event and remove you from the event area immediately.


Demand the rectification of the violation/damage by you for all that is implied.


Prohibit you and prevent you from participating in any other event, for a limited period or at all, and/or freeze or cancel your registration as a profile owner on the website and/or the association.


The local jurisdiction for all legal matters concerning this Event will be the Tel-Aviv District Court.


Acceptance of Terms and Conditions


It is clarified and agreed that by purchasing a ticket to The Event and/or entering the event grounds, constitutes my confirmation that I am over the age of 18, I am competent to perform legal actions, I have read and understood the terms and conditions herein, I undertake to comply with all of these terms and conditions, and that I waive any claim for having no knowledge of the regulations and conditions.

It is known and is clear to me that if I do not agree to be subject to the terms of the regulations and conditions stated herein, the organizers will not agree to my participation in the event.


If my children accompany me to the event, I confirm, as their legal guardian, to comply with everything stated herein in the terms and conditions regarding minors and agree on their behalf to their full compliance.


I approve receiving mails and/or communications on behalf of Midburn and/or from someone on Midburn’s behalf.

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