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General Assembly

The general assembly is a gathering of all members of the association.

The assembly is authorised to make changes to the association's bylaws, to appoint members of the board and audit committee, to decide on altering the association's goals, removing members from the association and more. Every member of the association has one vote in the General Assembly.

Board of Directors

The board of directors consists of 5 members who are elected by the general council. Their role is to manage the activities of the association.

Board members do not receive a salary, and they constitute the volunteering leadership of the association, whose role is to implement the resolutions of the General Assembly and dictate the association's policy.

The Board of Directors’ functions include approving a work plan and budget, establishing principles for funding, oversighting the association's activities, strategic planning, and  appointing a CEO and senior staff.

In addition, the board is responsible for formulating the vision and delineating the organization's strategic plan, participating in fundraising efforts, representing the organization in addressing policy makers, donors and others and mentoring new board me

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