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Your way to Midburn

How to find your way to Midburn and what’s important to take into account before you go?

Let’s realize the dream together.

You’re on your way? Hip hip hooray - bon voyage.

Go to this coordinate, or this one (same coordinate, different navigation apps)

The coordinate is a roundabout where you take a right and go one kilometer straight after the turn. At the end of it you’ll find your home - Midburn.

The road to Midburn goes through many residential areas. We dream of being good neighbors, so if you stop on your way, in stores or otherwise, be respectful to the local residents, store owners and our neighbors in general.

The road to Midburn:

Go on route 31 towards Arad

Get off at the Kseifa interchange and go under the bridge (5.8 meter high - for those with a truck).

Continue towards Mikhol and Darijat.

Count three roundabouts from the interchange - take a right at the third and follow the signs.

See you on the playa!


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