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What Has Been Happening Lately

Dear community,

Three months have passed since the black Saturday. The fighting continues, and many of us find ourselves struggling with many difficulties. Lev, the CEO of the organization, has been doing reserve duty since then. We support him and pray for his well-being and the safety of our soldiers, for the full recovery of the wounded, and for the swift return home of all those captured.

As a result of the situation, the activities of thousands of community members were abruptly halted at once, just before "the peak" - the founding of the city. This is the place to thank each and every one of you, who invested time, skills, and abilities in the planning and building process of our dream. We are convinced that together we will succeed in creating inspiring spaces where all these will be expressed.

"Playa Unplugged" - The heartwarming responses we received following the event, an initiative that came from community members and turned into an embracing space, a gathering and connection, in which more than 3000 community members participated, emphasized again the power of togetherness that fills our heart and strengthens us.

We look forward to 2024, a period of uncertainty, and are engaged in thinking, planning processes, and community connections. The first anchor we are thinking about is Burn Purimi in an urban space that will start at sunset into the night, more details very soon.


All refunds have completed and therefore all the credits were transferred from Midburn to your credit companies. We recommend contacting your credit company or bank, and check with them if you received the reimbursement. Most people who approached indeed discovered that the credit was received.

Regarding a replaced credit card or a participation ticket that was transferred - these cases are handled manually, each case on its own, and require more time, hence there are a minority of cases where the reimbursement has not yet been made.

If you are one of them and have not filled out a form.

Here are the forms:

Did you buy a ticket that was transferred to you from another participant?

Please fill out the following form:

Did you cancel the credit card with which you made the order?

Please fill out the following form:

It's important to attach the receipt as a PDF to the form.

Can't find the receipt? / The credit company doesn't see the reimbursement? write us an email -

Please, those who filled out one of the forms, do not fill it out again - it adds to our workload and creates errors.

Avoid sending emails about the status again and again if you have already sent them, the issue is being handled.


We were told that Sela'it, the water supplier, has so far returned money only to a small part of the camps that paid him. We are vigilantly following the issue and have even conducted legal consultations on the matter. After we get a full picture of the situation, we will advise how to proceed.

In the following form, please inform us of your current status regarding reimbursements from Sela’it (also inform us if there are problems with other suppliers) -

May we hear good news.


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