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Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

General The aforesaid in these Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (herein: Website ToS) is meant for all visitors to the website, including website users and subscribers via opening a “Midburn Profile” account (herein: Website Registration). The website texts use the masculine form but refers to all genders alike. This website is owned and managed by the Midburn Association (Registered Association) (herein: Association and/or Website Admins). The website is meant to be used by members of the Midburn community in Israel and worldwide, as well as anyone who seeks to receive and be exposed to the information displayed, whether once or on an ongoing basis. Visitors to this website acknowledge and confirm that they are subject to the terms specified below and to all relevant laws. Upon entering the website, browsing it and registering to it, you hereby agree, without limitation and/or reservation, to the terms specified in these Website ToS. To contact the Association regarding the website: Midburn Association, Registered Association 580567600 Email:

Contents Use of this website and its contents is made under the user’s responsibility only. The information displayed on the website is mostly of an informative nature and is provided AS IS and AS AVAILABLE. It shall be clarified that the relevant terms to participating in the various Midburn events are specified in the terms and conditions, given to ticket buyers of each specific event. The Website Admins prohibit uploading and/or publishing any commercial and/or illegal and/or false, abusive, defamatory, threatening, privacy breaching, inflammatory, political or racist information to/on the website, and actively prevent such contents from being published therein. To the extent that such contents were published on the website, it was done in error and, upon contacting the Website Admins, all that is possible and required under the circumstances shall be done, and if necessary, the content will be changed. At any rate, the website administration shall not be liable and shall not pay compensation to anyone who sees themselves injured by this. The existence of URLs (Links) to other websites does not constitute any liability on part of the website administration to their contents, reliability, integrity, etc. The website stores contents related to the global Burning Man and Midburn events in which participants act according to the “Absolute Self Expression” principle. Thus, if you find these contents abusive and/or sexual and/or blunt, you are hereby requested to leave this website.

Copyright All intellectual property rights and copyrights, if such exist in relation with the website, are owned by the website administration and the Midburn Community and may not be copied or used. The contents and images displayed on the website are owned and/or licensed and/or authorized by the website administration; do not copy and distribute these contents and images. Using them outside of this website might damage third parties and is considered illegal. The website administration takes no responsibility whatsoever for such damage. Use of the website images and contents by you or by anyone on your behalf is prohibited, unless you have been given specific, prior and written permission by the website administration. Any unauthorized use of the website images or contents might constitute a violation of laws on copyrights, trademarks, privacy protection and also relevant laws and regulations. For your information, the website administration and/or image owners and/or content owners may use all the legal means in their disposal to meticulously protect their proprietary rights, including seeking legal action insofar as required.

Personal Information, Privacy Policy and Consent to Receive Information The Association sees great importance in maintaining the privacy of the website users. Upon registering to the website and opening a “Midburn Profile” account, you will be required to provide personal information, e.g., your name, address, contact information or email address, etc. Mandatory fields will be highlighted. You will not be able to register to the website upon failure to provide the data requested in the mandatory fields. Upon registering, you hereby confirm that the data you provide upon registration is not sensitive data and will be stored and managed by the Association. Upon using the website, it is possible that information will accumulate about your use of the website. The website administration will store the information and use it, or the data you provide upon registering to the website according to the Website ToS and the Privacy Policy, or pursuant to the law – for the following purposes:

  • To allow you to use the various services in the websites – e.g., purchasing a ticket to the various Midburn events, forums and other activities offered from time to time on the websites.

  • To improve and enhance the services and contents offered on the website, including the creation of new services and contents suitable to the demands and expectations of the website users, and to change or cancel existing services and contents. The information used by the Association for such purpose will mostly be statistical data without any of your personal identifying information.

  • To create member areas on the website and/or alternative website and/or app to be developed by the Association, which may include, inter alia, public profiles and inter-user communication.

  • The website administration may send you, from time to time, information about its services as well as marketing and advertising information via email. You can request to unsubscribe from such mailing at any time.

  • To contact you (if necessary) or for the purpose of statistical analysis.

  • For any other purpose to be specified in the website’s Terms of Use, this Privacy Policy or in any other binding set of terms.

  • For the proper operation and development of the website. For such purpose. I hereby permit third parties that have been authorized by the website administration to receive such information, subject to safekeeping it according to the provisions of the Website ToS.

The website administration shall not transfer your personal details and the information gathered on your website activity (insofar as such details and information include your personal identifying details) to third parties, excluding the following cases:

  • Insofar as you purchase products and services from the Association, the information required to complete the purchase process will be transferred to the clearing company.

  • Insofar as you breach the Website ToS and delivery of information is required in this regard and/or insofar as the website operator receives a judicial order instructing the operator to deliver your details or information about you to a third party and/or insofar as any dispute, argument, claim, demand or legal proceeding emerges, as applicable, between you and the Association.

The website administration implements information security systems and protocols in the website. Whereas such systems and protocols minimize the risks of unauthorized penetration into its computers, they are not absolutely secure. Thus, the website administration does not undertake that the website services are absolutely impenetrable against unauthorized access to the information stored on them.

The website reserves the right to use Cookie files to improve the speed and effectiveness of content usage by users. Each user may choose not to allow their activation by cancelling this option in the web browser they use. However, it shall be mentioned that cancelling the option of accepting Cookie files in your browser may cause some parts of the website to not function fully. Any connection and/or activity established between the website users among themselves shall be under the sole responsibility of the users. The website administration shall not be responsible to the results of any such connection as aforesaid in any event.

The results of any such connection, without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid hereinabove, physical, emotional, monetary, mental and other damages. The website contains URLs that will lead you to other websites, according to the website administration’s needs and decision. Some of these websites may bear the Association’s name and/or branding and/or logo, however, they are not operated and/or maintained by the website administration. Thus, the website’s Privacy Policy does not apply to and/or is not effective in the websites that the URLs lead to. These websites may have their own privacy policies. We recommend to carefully inspect and read the privacy policy of each of these websites before you deliver personal details and/or other information on the website you reached.

Waiver and Release from Liability The user hereby states that they are waiving and releasing the Association from any liability related to any damage caused to them, and undertakes to bear and/or indemnify the Association and/or its employees and/or officials and/or executives and/or volunteers and/or other users, etc., including, but not limited, with respect to any liability whatsoever, claim, damage and/or loss (including legal expenses), resulting from the use, improper and/or wrongful use, disturbance and/or failure and/or any other prohibited action pursuant to the 1995 Computers Law, 1981 Privacy Protection Law and/or under any law, done in and/or through the website and the information, contents and/or services therein. The website administration and/or any other party involved in its operation in any form are not liable for any direct and/or indirect, incidental, resultative and/or punitive damage resulting from entering the website and using it and/or its contents. Without limiting the aforesaid hereinabove, everything on the website is provided to you AS IS without any kind of warranty, whether directly or indirectly.

The website administration shall not bear any liability and shall not be exposed to any suit for any damage that might harm the computer equipment and/or any other item therein and/or viruses that might destroy or disrupt the computer’s operation as a result of your entry to the website and/or linked sites appearing on the website, including downloading files of materials displayed on the website including data, text, images, video, audio, etc.


The website administration is not obligated to provide constant, fault-free availability with no website “crashes”, despite the association’s intent to have the website operate fault-free. Moreover, the website administration may cease use of the website and also cease its use from time to time for the purpose of maintenance, organization and updating. The website administration reserves the full right to make any change to the website at any time and for any reason, without any prior notice and without any liability on its part, and also make changes and/or updates to these Terms of Use. By using the website, you hereby consent to be subjected to the aforesaid in these Terms of Use at all times and you must revisit and get updates on changes to be done therein. Should significant changes be made to the Terms of Use, a notice will be published on such matter on the website’s homepage. The Website ToS shall be governed by Israeli law. Jurisdiction over this document is given to the competent courts in Tel Aviv.


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