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Update - Additional Ticket Allocations for International Participants

Dear international participants! We are glad to inform you that after selling all dedicated allocations, we decided to secure more allocations just for you!

It's important for us to mention that this is not a quota or a limit, we welcome all participants and encourage participants from Israel and all over the world to join us in building Midburn and also secure a "Participation Allocation" via Theme Camps, event shifts or art (all allocations in Midburn this year depend on participation - no open sale this year).

If you were unable to secure an allocation as mentioned, in addition, we opened this "fast track" to help you cope with language barriers and help with travel planning by securing a ticket.

This third (and final) International Sale (it is part of the main participation sale) will start on 17.9.23 at 20:00. Please submit your application before 20.9.23 (the form will close after that)

*Please note! This form is only for foreign passport holders who permanently reside outside of Israel and intended to save allocations for our global friends.

We are so excited to welcome you and many lovely international burners from all over the globe to Midburn 2023, taking part in building Midburn city together.

Please fill in the short form to secure your eligibility for the ticket purchase.

We look forward to seeing you in the dust!

2 comentarios

Elena Tikhonova
Elena Tikhonova
17 sept 2023

Hello dear organizers.

Yesterday from 20 o'clock was supposed to open additional ticket sales. I have long ago filled out the form to buy a ticket. Тhe button TICKETS on the website is not active. What link can I use to buy a ticket?

Me gusta

13 sept 2023

Mariam natelashvili

Me gusta
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