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Ticket Transfers

In the previous announcement, we wrote that at this stage redemption is limited to one ticket per participant (meaning each person can attend for one day), to allow as many community members as possible to attend at least for one day. Due to a technical error, this limitation was not applied in the first few hours, resulting in a situation where people bought more than one ticket. We are addressing this and continuously freeing up more tickets in the system for all the days of the event (just yesterday, for example, we reopened more than 50 tickets).

Ticket Transfers: Tickets can be transferred - this is done by accessing the ticket itself (via the link you received by SMS) - there is a "Request Transfer" button at the bottom.

Ticket Cancellations: Please contact via email.

Ticket Allocations for Installations/Content/Camps/Departments: We are sending the allocations at this very moment. If you have not yet received an allocation, it might be because the leader has not yet passed on your details to us (please check with them).

Important: We would very much like to open more tickets, but currently, we cannot due to concerns about parking shortage and the problems it could create for the kibbutz in the area (there is a school there and the event hours coincide with the children's pickup times). Maybe after Sunday we can open more tickets - for that, we need your help! Please, please, please try to carpool together and reduce the number of vehicles coming to the event.

If on Sunday we see that we can open more tickets, we will enable this in the system at 20:00 and will announce it.

Babies under 3 years old: Ticket not required.

Reservists: First of all, we love you, and then - if you still don't know on which day you will be released and when you can come - you are welcome to write to - and we will find a solution for you (and allocate a ticket).


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