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Theme Camps Leaders - Dreaming the City

As Theme Camp leaders you are the anchor around which the city is built and materializes, both physically and spiritually, starting from conception, organization, arrival at the field, planting the first stake, and finally gifting your gift and camp content. You are the driving force of the magical atmosphere that fills the city's alleys.

We missed you!

So what's the plan?

● Greetings.

● Building (bring fairy lights, a shade structure (e.g., Authentic), tent and anything you think is necessary for your gift).

● Roaming around (bring a cup, a snack and a gift!).

● Drawing a map.

● Talking (a transparent discussion about considerations and constraints, the camp experience and walking in the street, diversifying the city and the gift concept, a joint creative process (and other topics that will come up from you - you are welcome to write in the comments).

● Creating a city.

● summary and MOOPing.

What's not in the plan? tickets, suppliers, Freecamps, sound.

When? Sunday, 11.06.23, 19:00

Where? The Midburn offices rooftop, Hanegev 8, Tel Aviv.

Do your Midburn neighbors already know about the meeting?


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