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The UPCOMING Ticket Release date and updates

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

On Tuesday 10/8 at 20:00 PM The next ticket sale will take place for 72 hours.

How can you get a ticket?

Only those with the possibility (an allocation) to buy a ticket in the upcoming ticket release, will receive an email from our new ticketing system (check your Spam folder).

In that e-mail there will be a personal link for the ticket purchase - you click, fill in the details and follow the instructions with a piece of cake and a smile.

If you haven't received an email, and think there was a mistake, please contact your camp/department/art leader, or if you have a special allocation, contact us on

Nice….. Now some clarifications:

  1. American Express credit card is NOT a valid payment option.

  2. If Midburn will be postponed in 2021, the tickets that you will pay for will be held for you for when the event will occur until the end of 2021.

  3. Donations donations donations - As you all know, the price is comprised of two components -the first is a donation, and the second is the ticket price. For additional information regarding the that you can read here:

  4. The next table will hopefully clarify the ticket releases and different allocations, timings, and Ticket transfer possibilities:


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