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The Open Sale - OMG Sale and How To’s

The Open Sale - OMG Sale and How To’s


Thursday 09/15/22 at 20:00

Who can participate?

Radically, everyone.

The sale will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis, everyone enters, everyone tries.

How can you prepare for the sale?

1. First, you must play the Burn Games until 14.09 (today) at 20:00 (those who have already played need not play again, just make sure you remember the email you played with. Don't remember? Play again)

Link to the Burn games -

2. You must also register for the ticket sales system ** with the same email with which you played the Burn Games**

Link to the system here:

How will I know that I'm in the right place?

A waiting screen will appear in the sales area, saying OMG, until Thursday at 20:00. If you got to this screen you are in the right place😊

Please prepare your National Identity Number (Teudat Zehut) and means of payment in advance.

Note that tickets cannot be purchased with a Diners card.

Each participant can purchase one adult ticket.

The option to purchase car, caravan, children and youth tickets will continue and remain open after the sale ends, until the maximum capacity is reached.

In this link:

Questions? Concerns?

Contact the ticketing team, they are awesome:

Lastely, don't forget, the playa will provide


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