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The Bear - The Gift That Keeps Gifting

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Welcome to all those returning from American Midburn and hello to all future residents of the city. The days are growing short and so is the time left until the gates open. I’m working on storing some food for winter and looking for a nice cave with parking.

This week we will discuss one of the last chances to buy a ticket - the open sale on Sept. 15, a couple of opportunities for participation and an important update about licensing and sound and much more.

Put on your favorite playlist, grab your favorite person, pet, object to cuddle and let's dive in.

Open Sale

Here it is. The last sale. Sept. 15th.

I still remember the first sale, somewhere back in July. I was so young and naive, but I have used the time since to practice refreshing. This week’s sale is also known as the OMG sale, but I like to think of it as the TIYC (this is your chance sale). This is the last official sale (you will also be able to buy tickets from people who are selling them).

You can read all the details and keep up with any updates

Link to sale

On this auspicious occasion, let me also remind you that anyone with an adult ticket can purchase child\vehicle\caravan tickets (while there are any left).

Fire and Moop

Participation in the Fire Tribe - The Fire Tribe is looking for people for safety roles and performances in the fire ceremony. You can read more about the roles and how to participate here:

Moop Participation: Resto team is looking for people who want to stay after everyone has left, to see the city return to dessert and make sure it is returned in pristine condition. People who love to do and care about the dessert remaining what it is.

If this feels like something that sounds up your alley contact Helena, whatsapp only - 054-446-4317

License to Burn

As we say, It’s not Midburn if there are no hurdles to jump over. This year the hurdle is sound licensing. If you think you can help in this please write:

This is a complex challenge, but as we learned in previous years challenges produce new initiatives and cooperation. And remember our city is vibrant and full of amazing things to do from food, workshops, art, live performance and more.

To read more:

Meet Mita (BED)

MITA is assisting and helping those who suffered a form of sexual harassment/assault at Midburn.

They work towards reducing such occurrences at any of the events of our community in general, and specifically during Midburn. They are available throughout the entire event 24/7 and you are invited to come and speak with them if you need.

They can be found near the Medburn and over the phone at 052-8622466.

As a community we have a zero tolerance policy towards any intrusion of personal space without explicit, clear and enthusiastic consent.

Enthusiastic consent can be given only with full awareness, whether it's for a photo to be taken, touch or a dance.

Fore Hebrew speakers, here is a bit more about them:

Pics or it Didn’t Happen

Just like Mita, when taking pictures in Midburn you should have consent. People come to Midburn to take chances and a change from everyday life and might not always be in the mood to be photographed, no matter how spectacular they look. It is the photographers’ responsibility to ask people if they want to be photographed and not include anyone who is not interested.

Ask for consent.

Make sure you are not invading personal space.

Make sure the picture is respectful.

Avoid wide shots which might include unwitting participants.

Read more here:


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