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Supplier entrance to the city and also

  • There are two types of suppliers:

    • Permanent suppliers: Production suppliers that go around the city and come in and out of it on a regular basis. These are suppliers that were invited by the Midburn foundation and are approved by the technical production. They receive a permanent bracelet with a different color.

  • Temporary suppliers: Any supplier that is not defined as a permanent one. These suppliers enter the parking area on a one time basis for a limited amount of hours. They are invited by theme camps or installations (e.g., food suppliers, equipment or RV transportation and any supplier who is there just to drop off equipment).

Temporary suppliers

  • Temporary supplier entrance will be allowed during setup only between the dates: 6/10 until 9/10 only!

  • Please register them with your angel or following RV procedures.

  • To allow entrance to the supplier the ordering party (camp/installation) and the supplier need to arrive to the container at the entrance, also known as “Will Call”

  • The supplier will sign a commitment form and will leave an ID until exiting the city.

Photo by Lior Segev


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