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RV Guidelines - Midburn 2021 - Traffic Department

This procedure is intended to regulate the entry of caravans and RVs to the Midburn 2021 event.


What is an RV?

A recreational vehicle (RV) is the term generally used for a motor vehicle or caravan equipped with living space and amenities found in a home. There are 2 types of RVs:

  • Caravan - a caravan home towed by another car and equipped for living in.

  • Motorhome - A motor vehicle that is fully equipped for living in. It will not be possible to bring a motorhome into the event, but only to the parking area.

In the caravan’s license it should either say - “a closed caravan” or “a closed caravan for residence”.

In the motorhome’s license it should say - “united residential” or “private residential” or “transporting residential”.

Vehicles that have been independently converted for residence, without undergoing a legal licensing process are not defined as caravans or motorhomes, and are not allowed to enter the city area, and are only allowed to stay within the general parking area.

For safety reasons, it is not possible to enter the city with gasoline powered caravans. Only diesel powered motorhomes will be allowed entry.

Caravan carrier

External company drivers, who have been coordinated by the caravan owner (who must have a valid ticket), will place the caravan within the event area (It is the person who booked the caravan’s responsibility to remove or cover any type of branding/ads on the caravan).

The entry guidelines for the caravan carriers are the same as the general carriers entry (Gate guidelines). Due to the licensing procedures, the caravan’s gas systems will also be inspected by a gas tester in the event area. A caravan without an up-to-date gas tester permit will not be allowed to enter the event area. Gas procedures in an caravan are the same as the general gas procedures in Midburn

Event participants with a caravan

Participants with an event ticket are allowed to enter the city area with their own caravan provided they purchased a vehicle pass for the caravan.

  1. All caravans, of any type, are required to pre-register in a special form with the traffic department. Here is the form [LINK TO FORM]

  2. Caravans parking in a camp will be allowed to enter the city after approval of the camp’s location. The person requesting the caravan entry should note on the registration form that they require permission to enter the city early (in case they don’t have it already), or alternatively, a representative from the camp should place it in the camp.

  3. Caravan entry to the event will start on 9.10.2022 from 06:00 until 18:00. A participant without an approval for early arrival can get a special approval for early entry on this date for purposes of setting up the caravan before the event starts (please note that on the registration form).

  4. No shade structures or appropriation of extra space beyond the caravan size are allowed in the free camp areas.

  5. Caravan entry will be permitted until 18:00 on the day before the start of the event, ONLY! After that the gate will close until the official opening on 10.10.2022 at 12:00

  6. From the event openings on 10.10.2022, caravan entry will be permitted only with by special exception by the traffic department. For reasons of safety and permits, vehicle movement in the city during the event is not allowed and special permission will be provided only to special cases (i.e., accessibility) .

Using a gas system in a caravan

Any caravan that has a gas system will only be allowed to enter the event area with an Level 2 gas tester permit, valid for 2021. The gas tank has to be a reusable tank up to 12 kg.

A 12 kg tank needs to be placed on the ground next to the caravan with a standard hose that goes into the caravan.

Due to the licensing procedures, the caravan’s gas systems will also be inspected by a gas tester in the event area.

Guidelines and procedures regarding the entry of caravans:

  • 1. The participant who ordered the caravan will register the caravan in advance through the registration form attached to this procedure, the form must include all the relevant details (contact person, early entry permit if applicable, etc.).

  • 2. After passing the gate and meeting the entry conditions (approval for early entry and valid gas approval), the caravan owner/participant with the caravan will proceed to the suppliers parking lot. If the caravan is transported by an external supplier, it will be equipped with a supplier's approval form in accordance with Midburn rules ("Supplier Procedure - Gate").

  • 3. Upon arrival at the suppliers' parking lot, the traffic department will make sure that all of the details regarding the caravan are complete and will, if necessary, complete the missing details before entering the city.

  • 4. The caravan will be permitted to enter the city escorted only by the person who ordered the caravan or the representative of the camp for which it is intended, who also knows the caravan's exact intended parking location (hour/ street). Midburn strictly condones and prohibits driving around the city with a caravan whilst looking for parking!

  • 5. The vehicle carrying the caravan will leave the city, to the parking lot or away from Mindburn, immediately after transporting the caravan to the assigned location.

  • 6. Caravan branding - The decommodification principle

According to the decommodification principle, it is not possible to enter the event area with a branded caravan and /or RV. Make sure to remove the branding and advertisements (or alternatively fully cover all trademarks). Branded vehicles will be denied entry to the event.

** Branding: advertisement of a rental company, advertisement of a private company, branding of a company, advertisement of a product, etc.

Can I run the generator in the caravan?

A trailer with a generator will not be allowed to enter the temporary city, so do not bring generators of any kind (just leave them at home)! Additionally, there will be no place to store generators. In line with safety standards, it is strictly forbidden to use and operate gasoline-powered generators at a multi-participant event. Most caravans in Israel are equipped with gasoline-powered generators and therefore it is strictly forbidden to operate them. Participants who do not comply with the provisions of the standard violate the law and endanger the continuation of the event. Safety teams from Midburn will make sure that generators of this type are not installed and operated. A trailer that arrives with a generator of any type will not be allowed to enter the event.

How can the caravan be connected to an external power source?

Each caravan should have a dedicated socket that can be connected to an external power source to provide power to all trailer systems. If you want to connect your trailer to a power source, you must order electricity in advance and connect to the electricity supplier in the event area, at a special price for the trailers (according to the electricity price list that will be published).

Do note! Since no electricity will be provided before the start of the event, at 12:00PM on the first day of the event, we recommend that those entering with a trailer arrive early and stock up on ice, or use solar power, to keep food from spoiling (even before the official start of the event, operating a personal generator in the area is not allowed).

We ask not to transfer electricity from one caravan another, or to other parties, without coordination with the electricity supplier. The supplier can disconnect a caravan that sells /distributes electricity without direct coordination with it.

How do you fill the water tank in a caravan?

Each caravan has a freshwater tank that is used for drinking, bathing and any other uses. The volume of the water tank varies depending on the size of the caravan. In most caravans there is an indication of the water level within the tank. When the water level is low and the tank needs to be filled, this can be done manually through the dedicated opening located on one of the sides of the trailer. Another way to fill water is by an external water supplier that travels around the city and will, if properly coordinated, fill the water tank with a hose.

Gray and black water treatment

The fresh water in the trailer becomes gray water after use and must under no circumstances be emptied on the ground. Each trailer has a different emptying technique, but each trailer has a central discharge point for gray water that drains from the sink, shower and toilet. In non-mechanical trailers (RVs) the gray water is emptied from the gray water storage tank.

The black water is the waste water that is stored from the trailer services, it is emptied by pulling out a "cassette" and pumping it through to dedicated containers that will be placed conveniently at 3-4 points on the logistical axis that will appear on the map.

A trailer owner who empties a cassette into public toilets will not be allowed to attend an event with a trailer in the future !!!

Questions and Answers:

Q: I am coming for the construction with a caravan, but I'm a free camper, can I bring the caravan into the city?

A: Yes. The entry of caravans belonging to free campers will be allowed for holders of an early arrival permit (production or art) or on the day before the event opens if an early entry permit has been received for the caravan owner.

Q: I'm from a theme camp and am not coming for the initial construction but there will be people in my camp who are. Will they be able to bring my caravan to the camp in my name during the construction period?

A: Yes. Once the theme camps department has confirmed that the camp has begun construction, caravans can be brought in provided they are accompanied by a representative from the camp who will pick up the caravan from the vendors parking lot and escort it in.

Q: I am coming for construction. Can I enter with a caravan when I arrive?

A: You can only enter with the caravan after the camp has been approved for occupancy.

Q: I arrive at the event with a caravan, but unfortunately leave before the event ends. Can I take the caravan out of the city while the event is still taking place?

A: No. Caravans can depart only after the event has finished (on Saturday 15.10.22).

Q: I'm a free camper. Where can I place my caravan and when can I bring it into the city?

A: After going through the gate and presenting the relevant certificates, you can arrive with the caravan at the suppliers' parking lot and leave it there until you find a suitable and final place for it!!! Only after you have found a suitable place will you be allowed to enter with it, and follow the vehicle escort procedures. As mentioned, a trailer without an exact final location (hour / street) will not be permitted into the city.

Q: I am part of a camp, but in the camp, caravans are not allowed. What can I do?

A: Find a new camp! Jokes aside, you can leave it in the Free Camp area, just make sure to find a spot.


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