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Refinement of procedures - Art Cars

Attention Artists, Visionaries, and Dear Midburn Community Members,

We're thrilled to announce that once again, the Art Cars Department has worked wonders and secured permissions from the DMV for this year's event!

Indeed, this year the playa will come alive with the spirit of art, music, love, and fun, showcased by an unprecedented and exciting count of 55 Art Cars! A historic moment for the Midburn community. We're beyond excited to bring your dreams to life and share this journey with you. 馃檪

On Sunday, November 5th, all Art Cars will undergo final inspection at the DMV to receive their license to roam the playa. However, a friendly reminder: no electric vehicles (bicycles, scooters, mini-tractors, etc.) are allowed within the event perimeter without prior approval from the Art Cars DMV department.

This year, the Art Cars Department has a dedicated team of managers and patrollers ensuring smooth operations and movement throughout the event. Your safety and peace during the event are paramount to us. As such, we've placed an enhanced focus on event procedures and real-time management:

  1. License checks for Art Cars and drivers.

  2. Designated driving areas for Art Cars.

  3. Speed restrictions for Art Cars.

  4. Passenger limits on Art Cars, even when stationary.

  5. No towing of trailers without approval.

  6. Immediate action against unauthorized electric vehicles, scooters, bicycles, etc. Unauthorized vehicles will be confiscated immediately and returned at the end of the event. In severe cases, this might result in police intervention and potential eviction from the event.

With love,

Art Cars Department - Midburn 2023


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