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Clarifications for Previously Asked Questions

Following the latest update, we've unveiled a wealth of thrilling information. It's understandable that questions may arise, so we've curated a select FAQ to ease the process.


Q: The burning question - what's the ticketing process for Monday at 8 PM Israel time?

  • We'll post the system access link on our platforms - website and social media - on Monday.

  • You can access the link before the sale to log into the system: just enter the phone number associated with a valid Midburn 2023 ticket as of October 7th >>> Receive an SMS with a one-time code >>> And you're in! (Tickets go on sale from April 8th at 8:00 PM Israel time).

  • On Monday, 8.4.24 at 20:00, access to the tickets will open, and they will appear as available.

Q: Do I need to register on another platform?

A: No need! The sale will go through our usual system (now with an upgraded SMS mechanism 😇). We'll share the link on the morning of the sale; just use it to log in with the phone number linked to your 2023 Midburn ticket.

Q: Will the system be able to handle the traffic without crashing?

A: That's the goal 😇

Q: Is there a lottery system for tickets?

A: No lottery this time. While we liked the idea of a lottery to avoid the rush, the regulations around lotteries in Israel are quite complex and require special arrangements.

Q: What about international participants?

A: Participants from abroad (who had tickets for Midburn 2023) will be able to access the sale just like anyone else - our system is set up to send SMS messages to international phone numbers too.

Q: And what about tickets for children?

A: Child tickets will go on sale following the adult ticket sale. We have allocated tickets for children as mentioned in our last ticketing update. There’s no need to rush; details regarding their sale will be announced soon.

Q: Support for low-income participants?

A: Financial aid will be provided as a rebate to those eligible after purchase. The application form will be made available Sunday evening. Due to tight schedules, we won’t be able to review all requests before the sale; therefore, responses regarding financial assistance will be issued about a week after the form opens (additional details will be shared along with the form link Sunday evening).

Q: Can I purchase two tickets?

A: No, each participant can only purchase one adult ticket. To buy two tickets, separate logins with two different phone numbers, each having had a valid Midburn 2023 ticket, are required to purchase each ticket individually.

Q: I bought a ticket for a canceled event and didn’t receive an email from the Bear newsletter. Should I be worried about my eligibility?

A: No worries - subscription to the bear newsletter is unrelated to ticket holding. We do recommend signing up for the Bear newsletter to stay updated at all times:


Q: If there are no ticket allocations and it’s an open sale, does that mean it’s first-come, first-served?

A: Yes, that's correct.

Q: Is the open call for art directed at those who had a canceled ticket for 2023 and managed to buy another one in the open sale?

A: Yes, the open call for art is open to anyone who had a ticket on Oct 7th that was canceled, and who has successfully purchased a ticket in the general sale, including artists. 

Q: Where can I find the open call for artists who managed to get a ticket?

A: After Monday’s ticket sale, all ticket holders will have access to the art registration form, including details about the Art Fund.

The art registration form will be published on the Midburn website one to two days following the sale.

Q: When is the tour for artists and theme camp content leaders?

A: The tour is scheduled for Saturday, April 13th. There will be a transportation initiative with a nominal participation fee, with more details to be announced soon.


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